LeewayHertz Releases Unique 3D Laser Pegs® iPad App

LeewayHertz has launched a 3D Model LaserPegs application that allows users create 3D models using an iPad. The app is free to download and available on AppStore.

LeewayHertz Releases Unique 3D Laser Pegs® iPad App
Chicago, IL, January 15, 2013 --(PR.com)-- LeewayHertz, a mobile application solutions company, is excited to announce the launch of an innovative 3D game application for kids. This iPad app consists of a fun, yet educational game that lets children build Laser Pegs® construction set models in 3D and share it with others.

“The app is the first one ever created to fully incorporate with an actual physical toy from a toy company,” states Akash Takyar, the CEO of LeewayHertz. “When users play with the Laser Pegs® app, they can create their very own 3D construction set models by building designs with virtual Laser Pegs® pieces.”

With the creation of this app, children and other users have the opportunity to build these toy models in a more convenient, virtual format. Further, as this app is absolutely free of charge, anyone can download the app from the Appstore. You can also watch the video about the app review.

“When children design and build one of the Laser Pegs® models, it enables them to learn all about creative abstract thinking, problem solving, math skills, pattern recognition and gain improved hand/eye coordination in the process,” states Takyar. “Moreover, with this app, users can also create their very own manuals or blueprints that they then can follow to build a physical model with the Laser Pegs® kits they already own.”

The Laser Pegs® app is definitely one educational game that all members of the family can enjoy playing for hours on end. LeewayHertz is proud to share that it’s client Laser Pegs is extremely happy about the application success since it has increased their sales by more than what they expected.

About LeewayHertz: Established in 2007, LeewayHertz creates exclusive iOS and Android apps for Fortune 500 companies. For more information about this groundbreaking company and its apps, please visit the LeewayHertz website.
Mansi Takyar