Cocoa Family is Now Kosher & Passover Certified

Cocoa Family offers Kosher and Passover Certified Ingredients.

Cocoa Family is Now Kosher & Passover Certified
Los Angeles, CA, January 30, 2013 --( Cocoa Family, a premium cocoa grower and processor, announced today that its cocoa ingredients are now kosher and Passover certified by EarthKosher kosher certification agency. In addition to being Organic Certified, Cocoa Family is now able to offer its cocoa products - cocoa powder, butter, liquor/paste and nibs - to manufacturers and distributors that require kosher certification, as well.

Cocoa Family offers its ingredients to chocolate makers, food processors and distributors that are looking for great quality products with transparency. The Company has implemented a vertical integration, “farm to table”, process enables them to provide the freshest ingredients at the best quality and price. Cocoa Family is a wholesale supplier and provides the highest grade of beans and other cocoa products to the wholesale market. Cocoa Family’s model is to work directly with processors in order to ensure that the requirements of their clients are accommodated down to the very last specification.

“We are happy to offer our customers high quality products that are always fresh at an exciting price. When we say our products are fresh, we really mean it. The products you buy today from us, have been processed only a month prior and the beans were harvested only a couple of weeks before they were processed. With the addition of the kosher certification from EarthKosher, we can help many more companies with their ingredient needs,” states Vaagn Arakelyan, Director of Cocoa Trade for Cocoa Family.

“Having fresh ingredients makes a big difference in our customers’ finished products. It tastes and smells robust, and provides a longer shelf life for our distributors,” continues Mr. Arakelyan.

Cocoa Family has been in the organic cocoa bean farming and growing business for decades, providing raw products for U.S., European, and Middle Eastern markets. Cocoa Family Farms produces both Sanchez beans and the famous Hispaniola beans.

In early 2007, Cocoa Family decided to move their focus to reaching customers directly rather than going through exporters and distributors. To help facilitate this, the Company opened offices in the United States in late 2008. This move has allowed them to concentrate on bringing consistent quality, timely delivery, and savings to their clients, the Company states.

Cocoa Family believes that by eliminating all unnecessary middlemen in its farm to client flow, they can offer more benefits to manufacturers within the food, confectionery, beverage, and nutraceutical industries. “Our vertical integration process brings transparency and control over quality, freshness, and pricing to our customers,” states Mr. Arakelyan.

According to Mr. Arakelyan, “When cocoa passes through many hands, it loses its transparency. This is because many intermediaries are not actually knowledgeable with the process of cultivating and fermenting cocoa beans. Their focus is on generating commissions. They are selling large orders and procuring wholesale cocoa without necessarily considering the quality of the product they are trading.”

The current direct agreement between manufacturers and Cocoa Family has proven to be beneficial for both sides, according to Mr. Arakelyan. “By taking into account the exact requirements of our clientele and overseeing the processes of growing, cultivating and processing our cocoa beans, we are able to maintain very high standards in our operating procedures. This gives our products a quality that is hard to for our competitors to match.”

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