Solar Powered SEO Eliminates SEO Black Magic and Voodoo

The Adopt-A-Solar-Panel program helps the environment, veterans in need and non-profit organizations in search of solar energy. Program sponsors also earn an SEO-related bonus – Solar Powered SEO.

Solar Powered SEO Eliminates SEO Black Magic and Voodoo
Colonia, NJ, March 05, 2013 --( Marketing a business online can be an arduous task. The current world of search engine optimization (SEO) is populated with unusual, confusing and often questionable practices. In the American sport of baseball, the essential rules are fairly clear cut – you hit the ball, catch the ball and throw the ball. Most sports follow a premise that is easy to comprehend once you take the time to learn the basics. Yet with search engine optimization (SEO), the game plan may not always be as clear. The rule book for search engine optimization is always changing. You can easily teach a child a pastime, and they can teach their friends and own children down the line. But with search engine optimization, the rules are changing and even changing month-to-month. Or the basic rules of search engine optimization engagement may not be easy for every business owner to understand. Manipulating the search engines to boost online exposure to top positions with Google, Yahoo! and Bing is the objective behind most search engine optimization plans. Achieve a top position, and this can be considered a “home run,” touchdown,” “slam dunk” or “game winning goal” in the search engine optimization world. Indeed, earning a top position in the search engines is a big score!

New Jersey’s SolarCure has a program which incorporates a sensible approach to search engine optimization. Conduct research for a search engine optimization provider and the buyer probably should beware! In many instances, a search engine optimization specialist’s approach might be similar to the stereotype of a used car salesman – what might it take to put you in the right search engine optimization package today? While there are plenty of great Internet marketing firms out there, many may have an unclear methodology. And being unclear may cost businesses needing online visibility help some money.

SolarCure has a much different approach to commercial marketing. With the Adopt-a-Solar-Panel™ program, a business sponsors part of a solar panel designed for a non-profit organization. This news is then distributed via a factual, but still search engine optimization friendly, online press release. These Solar Powered SEO™ articles are included on over one hundred high quality news websites that can be considered reputable news resources. Keyword-targeted links place within each release help give a boost to almost any business’s properly formatted website. SolarCure clients, such as New Jersey insurance provider O’Donnell Agency and Alabama industrial street sweeper company Victory Sweepers, have experienced higher website rankings or an overall increase with their online visibility as a result of their Adopt-a-Solar-Panel™ sponsorships with Solar Powered SEO™. The process behind Solar Powered SEO™ is reusable, reputation building and does not incorporate any methods that may be associated with the “black magic” or “voodoo” of the Internet marketing world. The incorporation of Solar Powered SEO™ as part of your Adopt-a-Solar-Panel™ sponsorship is crystal clear. Adopting a solar panel is also a great public relations opportunity. If you are thinking about a way to increase online visibility while also telling a great story about your business, adopt a solar panel today.

For more information about how your business can extend its overall awareness and help the environment with SolarCure's assistance, please visit or email your questions to Or just call call 908-642-3029. There are only winning attributes to the Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ program and Solar Powered SEO™. Pricing starts at $995. Larger and smaller packages can be designed to fit any budget. Because of all of its outstanding marketing and social-related benefits, SolarCure promises that you'll never feel as good as when you write a check for participating in this green renewable energy initiative.
Rick Mulholland