Susan Eckert of LIBoudoirPhotography First Long Island Boudoir Photographer to Offer Complementary Art of Posing Classes

Boudoir photographer Susan Eckert emphasizes her ongoing commitment to enhance every women’s self-esteem regardless of shape, size, color or age. Perks include complementary Art of Posing classes held monthly.

Bohemia, NY, March 13, 2013 --( Photographer Susan Eckert emphasizes her ongoing commitment to enhance every women’s self-esteem regardless of shape, size, color or age.

Susan Eckert, owner of LIBoudoirPhotography and Long Island’s original female fine art boudoir photographer, announced today that she is standing by her commitment to make every woman–regardless of shape, size, color, or age–look and feel beautiful. To this end, her latest service offering is monthly Art of Posing classes. Clients preparing for their boudoir shoots are all invited to attend at no charge. Non-clients are also invited to attend for a $150 fee.

“Most people aren’t models. Have never modeled. And feel nervous about getting in front of a professional photographer’s camera because they don’t know how to pose,” says Susan. “Offering these classes will go a long way towards easing pre-shoot anxiety and building confidence in front of the camera. Plus, it will give the client the opportunity to ease into the experience of intimate photography since classes will be held in the studio in which her shoot will take place in most instances, and I will be demonstrating poses with a model so no one is on the spot to perform in front of a small group.”

Boudoir photography continues to grow in popularity since Susan first started shooting it back in 2008. “I love that it appeals to women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond!” Susan says. She views posing classes as another way to make boudoir photography more accessible to women who might otherwise not pursue the experience and believes it also demonstrates her dedication to focusing first on the client. “So many photographers are out there busy teaching other photographers how to shoot boudoir and pose their models. None that I know of are offering free classes to their clients. So, why not teach your own clients so you can build their confidence and have a better experience?”

To be offered monthly, the first Art of Posing class is scheduled for March 28, 2013. Within minutes of announcing the new classes, Susan Eckert had her first sign up. “It’s going to be a confidence-building, figure-stretching, pose-rockin’ fun time!” she says.

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Susa Eckert
Art of Posing Boudoir Classes

Art of Posing Boudoir Classes

Long Island female fine art boudoir photographer Susan Eckert first to offer complementary Art of Posing boudoir classes.