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Bio-Synthesis Will Spotlight the New BNA Technology at AACR

Bridged Nucleic Acids exhibit increased stability in oligonucleotides.

Lewisville, TX, March 22, 2013 --( The annual meeting for the American Associate of Cancer Research will be held April 6-10th in Washington, DC. As always, the meeting will be a platform for new ideas, research, and technologies. One of those new technologies has already been creating quite a buzz. Bio-Synthesis, Inc., an AACR exhibitor for over 18 years, has acquired a license for the manufacturing and distribution of BNA-NC, a third generation of Bridged Nucleic Acid (BNA) oligonucleotides. Representatives and scientific staff will be onsite to bring the new possibilities directily to the researchers.

BNA is a six member bridged structure with a unique N-O bond in the sugar moiety. It improves duplex and triplex stability by lowering the repulsion between negatively charged phosphate backbones. BNA oligonucleotides exhibit significantly higher affinity to their complementary strands when compared to previous generations of constrained nucleic acids. These nucleic acid analogs can be easily incorporated into natural oligonucleotide strands. They provide flexibility in designing BNA/DNA and BNA/RNA hybrid oligos to satisfy the need for very high and sequence-specific hybridization with natural nucleic acids. Additionally, BNA oligos possess a strong nuclease-resistant property.

The third generation of 2’,4’-BNA-NC contains a 6-membered ring with a N-O bond between the 2’-hydroxyl and the 4’-carbon of the ribose moiety. It exhibits very strong binding affinity to complementary single stranded RNA, DNA, and double stranded DNA with a highly sequence-selective mode. In particular, the binding ability to complementary RNA is significantly high. BNA-NC also possesses great stability due to its nuclease resistant properties. BNA Oligos also have enhanced allelic discrimination, as well as are easily adaptable to many DNA or RNA detection systems.

Bio-Synthesis, a leading biotech supplier of chemical biology reagents, can be located at booth #124 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Expert scientific staff will be readily available during the meeting. There will also be refreshments and a drawing for a mini-Ipad. For more information, please contact Bio-Synthesis.

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