Bio-Synthesis Inc.

Bio-Synthesis Inc.

BioSynthesis, Inc. Is a leading provider for integration solutions of custom synthesis for gene to drug discovery research. With a vision for innovation through synergy, BioSynthesis offers expertise in custom peptide, antibody, oligo synthesis such as DNA, RNA, LNA, PNA, contract organic synthesis and reagents. BioSynthesis carries a broad custom services line of modifications, labelings, conjugations, and reagents for basic research, high-throughput screening and drug discovery. From micro scale to macro scale productions, BioSynthesis laboratories followed GLP and cGMP guidelines for all synthesis. With over 20 years of success in quality custom synthesis, you can depend on BioSynthesis for a fast, reliable and efficient project execution to meet all your synthesis needs.

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Bio-Synthesis Inc.

Founded in 1984, Bio-Synthesis, Inc was the first producer of commercially available synthetic DNA and in 1985, became a leading producer for both custom DNA and peptides and since then, Bio-Synthesis has steadily expanded its product lines and services to meet the growing needs of molecualr biology community. Bio-Synthesis has also maintained its position as an aggressive, innovative company in a highly competitive market place without sacrificing quality. In the beginning, our primary emphasis was on synthesizing high quality DNA primers, linkers which were the initial uses of oligos. Today, newer technologies, such as synthesis of gene construction, PCR, mutagenesis, combinatorial libraries, dye/adduct labeling, DNA microarrays, peptide-nucleic acid chimerics, etc, have challenged the molecuar biology field. In response, Bio-Synthesis has branched into several related areas such as DNA paternity testing, DNA HLA typing, PNA's, genomic sequencing, fluorescence based genotyping, custom antibody, and custom organic synthesis and other molecular biology based applications.

The Research and Development department comprises a number of Ph.D.'s and M.D.'s with backgrounds in molecular biology, immunology, nucleic acids, peptide synthesis, general organic chemistry. The molecular biology division is set up to handle most modern experimental procedures; the immunology division provides immunodiagnostic-based reagents.

Not only has Bio-Synthesis continued to provide quality oligo products and servcies for the research community, it has also become a world leader in providing custom peptide, antibody products and services.