Joe Kaminski, Heart-Lung Transplant Patient, Has Released Second Novel

Mesa, AZ, August 16, 2007 --( Joe Kaminski, Jr., a heart-lung transplant patient has published his second novel titled "In The Company of Legends," with

"In The Company of Legends" is a story about a professional baseball player, Russell Black, who discovers he can’t hit a baseball for the life of him after an accident. The Big Guy (God) answers Russell's prayers and he receives help by the spirits of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Ted Williams. From the first meeting with the spirits Russell learns the meaning of life: believing in himself and those who love him.

Joe Kaminski wrote his first book "Vision of the Field: A Baseball Fantasy," while recovering from a heart-lung transplant in 2003.

“I wrote the first book as a challenge to myself,” noted Mr. Kaminski. “ While writing that book, I discovered that I enjoyed the writing process and decided to continue writing. That resulted in this second book.”

While noting that this book is also a book about baseball, there are differences. “That first book was, in part, based on my heart-lung transplant and long recovery. This second book is more a book based on my imagination and research and is more original in nature,” says Mr. Kaminski.

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Joe Kaminski, Jr. is a graduate of Calumet College of St. Joseph, Hammond, Indiana and is an avid reader and writer. This is his first book published on He continues to write, planning his next book for the writing challenge held each November.

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