Has Confession Gone Viral?

iAbsolution, the first of its kind iTunes App has just hit the Apple App Store and is causing quite a buzz in the religious communities. Are the days of in-person confessions coming to an end?

Has Confession Gone Viral?
Minneapolis, MN, July 10, 2013 --(PR.com)-- iAbsolution (trade marked and copyrighted) is the first of its kind APP which allows sinners to now click their sins away and obtain instant absolution. According to the developer, Richard W. Hechter, attorney in Minneapolis, "The iTunes App is really designed for entertainment purposes......you can view a whole list of sins, determine which ones you may be guilty of, and then simply click them away." Hechter's App is not a substitute for true confession or attending places of worship. Yet, who knows? Now that everything else is on line, confessions may be next.

Some of the sins on the list include: Adultery, backbiting, being a bad friend, blasphemy, bullying others, cheating your boss out of work time, dishonesty, evil thoughts, failing to give to charity, lusting, selfishness, skipping school, stealing and unthankfulness. For the entire long list, you can download this App at the Apple iTunes Store for .99 Cents. The curiosity alone of what's all on the list of sins is definitely worth the price. This reviewer gives the App thumbs up on novelty and creativity. If you are brave enough to look, here is the link:
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iabsolution/id664994037?mt=8 This product is exclusively found at the Apple iTunes App store.
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