Peaceful Solution to "Battle of the Sexes" Sales Calls

Top Dog Sales Secrets offers "Selling to The Opposite Sex" and 79 other tips from 50 top sales pros.

Carlsbad, CA, August 30, 2007 --( Chances are the people most of us encounter in our work lives are not really from Venus or Mars. All of them are actually from Earth, no matter how other-worldly they may sometimes seem to us.

Being natives of the same planet, however, doesn't necessarily mean they speak the same language -- especially in sales situations.

"There's no doubt that gender differences have a real impact on interpersonal communications," says Tim Turner, founder of the Dancing Elephants Achievement Group. "In the selling world, salespeople need to understand and adapt to these differences." Turner's plain-spoken how-to advice on reconciling male "report talk" and female "rapport talk" is one of 80 lessons designed to hone sales skills in the new sales book, Top Dog Sales Secrets.

Turner urges salespeople dealing with customers of the opposite sex to "never assume that you understand, or are understood." Instead of assuming, presuming, or guessing the other person's meaning, he recommends "listening carefully, mentally clarifying everything that is said and adopting a conversational style tailored to the particular customer and situation."

Turner's plain-spoken how-to advice on reconciling male "report talk" and female "rapport talk" is one of 80 techniques contributed to Top Dog Sales Secrets by 50 renowned sales lecturers, consultants, and high-powered corporate trainers.

“We assembled an all-star line-up,” says Editor/Publisher Michael Dalton Johnson. "Top Dog Sales Secrets offers practical, real-world advice for accelerating sales. A salesperson can read a chapter in the morning and make sales with what he learned that afternoon."

The book has received high praise from sales professionals like Savvy Selling International's Michelle Nichols who said, "It's awesome ... the best ideas from 50 sales books all in one book."

Top Dog Sales Secrets is available from the publisher or from and other online retailers.

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