American Solar Powers Up Its Image

American Solar Offers Homeowners the Power of Choice

American Solar Powers Up Its Image
Scottsdale, AZ, July 30, 2013 --( American Solar, Arizona’s #1 residential solar power contractor, announced today that it has revolutionized its brand and reinforced its commitment to the power of solar energy in Arizona.

Imagery in the new logo is designed to reinforce the significance of the solar industry. In the background are the rays of the sun depicted as straight, clear-cut lines that represent the clarity of American Solar’s mission: to provide its customers the Power of Choice®.

The hand in the center of the logo reinforces the idea of power – the power of the customer to cut utility costs, to harness the energy of the sun and to choose a renewable, sustainable source of energy that will outlive fossil fuels.

The logo’s badge style also conveys authority, as well as the company’s commitment to choice and freedom.

“When we created American Solar more than a decade ago, our game plan was – and continues to be – to disrupt the status quo and give customers a choice in how they generate and use electricity,” said the company’s President Sean Seitz. “With this new image, we’re inviting homeowners in Arizona to join us in the solar revolution.”

Seitz continued, “Even as we change our image, we are continuing the practices that have made us the state’s #1 solar installer. We put our customers first and provide them with the best information, the best expertise and the best experience. We like to push the limits to make sure that when our customers choose American Solar, they know they’re receiving cutting-edge equipment and savvy, well-informed advice.”

The logo – along with the company’s new slogan, “The Power of Choice®” – has already begun to appear in company publications and will shortly be supported by a new website at

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American Solar is the leader in solar energy innovation. Arizona‐based and privately held, American Solar is committed to providing its customers with the power of choice. To join the revolution and make the switch to solar, visit (AZ ROC License #168657 [K‐11], #236520 [K‐42]).
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