The Best of Both Worlds: Direct Mailed & Displayed at Various Locations to Brand Your Company and Generate New Business is Through Advertising

Targeted Print Marketing: is still alive and doing Great. An extremely effective way to brand your company and generate new business is through advertising in a publication that targets the local high end clientele and affluent areas. Their bi-annual publication is directly displayed at various high traffic areas throughout your city in order to maximize your exposure. This is a great way to complement any other marketing campaigns that your business is currently running.

Research Triangle, NC, August 11, 2013 --( CTC, is back at it again and the mailer is coming to the Research Triangle area:

How It Works

Increase your company’s exposure with the Lifestyles Today direct mailer. This convenient booklet is not only direct-mailed, but also distributed throughout the local area. It brings your company directly into the home of the high end consumer while increasing brand recognition throughout these affluent communities. You can attract new clients by offering discounts and promotions and expand your company with colorful advertising. This can all be done at a minimal cost giving you a great bang for your advertising dollar.


By providing a multi-level distribution platform, your company will be featured to the clientele by directly mailing Lifestyles Today to their homes. They also market your company by distributing it to various high traffic areas in your community. A full version of the publication, complete with coupons and business listings is available on their website, providing a web presence for your company as well.

Graphic Design

Branding your company is one of the most important things you can do in an advertising campaign. Their graphic designers will work with you hand in hand in order to create the best ad for your company. All graphic design work is included with the purchase of any size ad. Once we have designed an ad for you it is yours to keep. They do not copyright any advertisements they create. A high resolution copy of your advertisement for your records or future marketing is available upon request.

Coupons and Promotions

Every consumer is looking for a great deal. By offering a coupon section in their publication you can reach out to the client while providing yourself with a tracker for your ad. All ad sizes a 1/4 page or larger come with coupons in the back of the book. These coupons can be used for any discount you wish.

The Book

Lifestyles Today is more than just another advertisement or coupon book. It's a full color directory composed of community information. The book includes reference guides to local public schools, community events, utilities and non-emergency contacts. There are also interesting editorials on finance, household and personal topics. By offering this to the reader we create longevity of the publication; something they can read and reference for months to come.

Please see the last issue that was done in The Research Triangle area at:

CTC is also doing free cost comparisons on merchant statements to see if you are getting the best rates. Why not see if your getting the best rates, you have nothing to lose.
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