Perfect Balance (Formerly LFC, Inc.) Has Launched a New Website

Perfect Balance: Concierge, Professional Services and Organizing website is your one-stop service provider for organizing your life and balancing your success.

Perfect Balance (Formerly LFC, Inc.) Has Launched a New Website
Durham, NC, August 07, 2013 --( Perfect Balance formerly LFC, Inc. has launched a new website. The website is for business professionals, small business owners, families and individuals, says Jessie Bennington, President/Owner of Perfect Balance, to be user-friendly and helpful. It is a one-stop service provider for personal and professional services. More and more businesses and individuals are looking for personal concierge, professional and organizing services because they have less and less time to do the things they need to do without interfering with their personal time. With Perfect Balance, they are here to do the things that have to be done, the menial tasks you don't want to do, and taking care of the last minute details leaving more time for family and friends, work projects, or leisure activities.

"I started out with a housecleaning service until the mid 1990's, then realized a clean home is only a part of helping my clients," says Jessie. "I wanted to expand my business to include services that enhanced a clients life. Over the years, my services have grown to include concierge, small business services/bookkeeping and professional organizing services. I started out servicing Durham and Chapel Hill area the past 17 years and in the past year have expanded to include the Raleigh area."

The services offered by Perfect Balance is for the business professional, small business owner, families and individuals looking for concierge, personalized shopping, courier and delivery services, bill pay, small business accounting and support, packing and moving assistance, organizing home and office spaces. To learn how to have Perfect Balance, please visit:
Perfect Balance
Jessie Bennington
1804 Martin Luther King Parkway, Suite 209
Durham, NC 27707