Fusion IONZ Human Clinical Trial Yields Impressive Results

Fusion IONZ commissioned a double blind placebo controlled human trial to test the efficacy of their negative ion bracelets on balance, strength, flexibility, muscle endurance and energy. Pain Relief and Negative ion output was also tested. The trial yielded an average performance increase of 14.4% over control, an average pain reduction of 28% in one week and a negative ions output of 3,300 CC's per second, an average of 1,900 negative ions per second higher than closest competitor.

Fusion IONZ Human Clinical Trial Yields Impressive Results
Alpharetta, GA, August 13, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Fusion IONZ, makers of the popular Fusion IONZ negative ion bracelets recently commissioned a double blind, placebo controlled, board certified clinical trial conducted by the Energy Medicine Research Institute. The study included three phases and tested for efficacy in regard to balance, strength, flexibility, muscle endurance, negative ion output and pain relief.

“We have seen how our product has performed on our customers time and time again but we wanted scientific validation from an unaffiliated third party to back up the results we have seen,” says Matt Ryncarz, Company CEO and founder. He went on to say “commissioning a study like this was risky endeavor but we were ready to put our money where our mouth is.”

The Fusion IONZ bracelets performed exceptionally well. During phase one, balance, strength, flexibility, muscle endurance and energy was tested. Tests were conducted over a three week period. Each week the participant was given an active band, placebo band or told to perform the tests without a band, the participant nor the researcher knew what they had. The study showed an average human performance increase of 14.4% over all parameters as well as a self reported 100% increase in energy levels. Notably, every single one of the study participants experienced a human performance increase.

Phase two encompassed a negative ion emissions test between Fusion IONZ and thirteen of their top competitors. Each band was tested with a Com Systems 3010 Pro Negative Ion meter in a climate controlled laboratory. The results showed that Fusion IONZ emitted nearly 3,300 negative ions per CC per second making it the strongest negative ion bracelet by an average of 1983.15 negative ions. This test not only validated the flow of negative ions but it validated that Fusion IONZ is the market leader amongst those tested.

The clinical trial concluded with a double blind, placebo controlled pain study. Participants with pre existing body pain were asked to wear a Fusion IONZ bracelet and report pain levels after fifteen minutes, twenty four hours and one full week. The report showed a drop in self reported pain levels as follows, 8.82%, 20.46% and 29.46%. Participants also indicated that after one week of wearing the product they had a better mood and ability to workout.

“We are very excited about how well our product performed,” says Matt Ryncarz. “We now have the third party validation that many in our industry have been lacking for a long time. The future for Fusion is very bright as we continue to lead our industry in innovation and product performance.”

Additional information on Fusion and the complete human clinical trial can be found at www.FusionIONZ.com
Matt Ryncarz