Independent Filmmaker Sees Quick Traction for Kickstarter Campaign

Jody Fedele is an independent filmmaker working on his first major theatrical release; The Monster Master, an anthology horror film. His current Kickstarter campaign is raising funding for one of the vignettes entitled Monster Master: Graveyard of Horrors. Mr. Fedele and his brother Jon Fedele have been working on Hollywood features for over twenty years.

Van Nuys, CA, September 20, 2013 --( “Conceiving and filming a Kickstarter campaign was easier for us than many with whom we are competing for funds and attention,” noted Jody Fedele, Director of The Monster Master, a film getting ready to shoot it’s next sequence in October of this year. “… after all we are filmmakers and that is the centerpiece of most successful campaigns.” “I am happy to see we are off to a quick start,” added Mr. Fedele.

The campaign description on Kickstarter sums it up nicely: “We are making a monster movie called 'The Monster Master.' It is an anthology monster movie in the vein of 'Creepshow' and the Amicus Films of the early 1970's: lots of different monsters in a number of different stories. Half of 'The Monster Master' has already been shot (in 35mm) and is in the can.”

Jon Fedele, the artist behind many of these hand sculpted creatures has been making monsters since childhood. You may have seen his creatures anywhere from the Quentin Tarantino penned “From Dusk till Dawn” (Robert Rodriguez, director) where Jon is on screen as a demon, to the wildly popular The Walking Dead, series on AMC, where he contributed to the groundbreaking make-up effects. “I have really been honing my acting 'chops' through studying and performing at several L. A. area 'improv' venues such as Improv Olympic West,” said Jon. This hard work and effort paid off big time recently for Mr. Fedele with his highly featured recent commercial work as the “I really get it, guy” in the Burlington Coat Factory “style” advertising campaign.

“I can’t truly express how grateful I am for every single person who donated their hard earned money, in any amount, to help me realize my creative vision,” noted Jody Fedele. I have worked on several Sam Raimi directed films, Army of Darkness, all three Spider-Man movies from Sony as well as Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful,” said Mr. Fedele. "While I take great pride in that work, it is always different when it is your own project. I had to make the difficult decision of putting out my award winning short film, Samuel on but if it wins me fans, and/or contributors, then it will be well worth it."

One of the supporters already on the campaign is Academy award winning editor, Bob Murawski, who noted, “Having worked with Jody on several different motion pictures over the years I was happy to financially back him and look forward this installment and ultimately the completed film."

“Ultimately a film’s success or failure, I have to hope, does not rely on spending millions on special effects,” noted Jody Fedele. “I have spent largely my own money telling a great story with characters an audience can care about, I am hoping through Kickstarter to be able to complete the project with some help from the fans,” stated Jody Fedele.

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