Changing Minds Through Jesus Christ Announces the Save a Life Campaign

Announcing the "Save A Life Campaign" and the launch of a new web site to identify the cause of a problem that is affecting everyone in America.

Changing Minds Through Jesus Christ Announces the Save a Life Campaign
Pittsburg, CA, September 30, 2013 --( A cause is always followed by an effect. In order to eliminate the effect of something, the cause must first be identified. The cause of violence remains a mystery to researchers because they haven't been able to identify a single cause of violence, which often leads to homicide, but they have suggested various theories on what they think may lead to violence. has launched a campaign to identify the cause which is the cause of all of our actions and to present a solution to the problem that is causing heartaches within families, suffering from the loss of loved ones. And to address the violence that is instilling fear into the hearts and minds of people throughout our nation, who are bracing themselves for the next vicious, horrific violent attack that they know is coming but don't know when, where, how or why.

The "Save A Life Campaign" is focusing on the thoughts that cause an individual to commit any of the violent acts that we see taking place in our community everyday. The "Save A Life Campaign" needs your support and participation in order to be effective and to achieve the desired results. The "Save A Life Campaign" aims to jump start a decline in the ever increasing violence that is consuming our community and devastating our lives and to prepare ourselves, our children and their children for a safer and a better tomorrow.

The campaign will introduce new conversations into our communities, to plant new thoughts into the minds of the people in our communities. They want to talk about saving lives instead of taking lives. To get people thinking and talking about the value of life and the importance of each and every human being. The aim is to have young people understand that when they take the life of another young person they've also taken the lives of the children that young person could have brought into this world along with any children that their children could have had. One bullet, one act of violence that they will regret later, wipes out entire generations of innocent lives.

As long as the community continues to only address the external effects of violence and overlook the thoughts, which are the cause of all violent acts, we will always be living in fear of the next vicious out break of violence and wondering if we'll ever have peace of mind in our communities again.

Let's come together and designate every Saturday to celebrate "Save A Life Day" and to focus on the importance and the value of every life.

Please visit to learn more about the campaign - the problem/cause - our plan/solution.
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