Saelig Introduces Economical Flexible 400W/800W Power Supplies

Advanced features include remote control, high voltage-low current/low voltage-high current, vertical/horizontal mounting.

Rochester, NY, October 25, 2013 --( Saelig Company, Inc. ( has introduced the PSB-2000 Series Flexible Power Supplies - high power density, programmable and multi-range-output DC power supplies offering flexible high voltage-low current/low voltage-high current output characteristics. V/I combinations for a very wide range of applications at up to 800W are covered by six models, including one power booster. The PSB-2000 Series offers an output voltage of 0 to 80V and 0 to 800V, with an output power of 400W or 800W. Series/parallel connections can be applied to PSB-2000 supplies for higher power outputs.

The stylish PSB-2000 Series provides three sets of preset function keys to memorize regularly used settings of voltage, current and power for rapid recall. A serial-controlled Sequence Function, using an RS232C, USB or optional GPIB interface, can produce output power defined by a sequence of set voltage and current steps provided by an attached PC. This capability is valuable for creating standard test procedures for verifying devices under test by quickly changing operating conditions.

The PSB-2000 Series feature over-voltage and over-current protection. When charging batteries, the Hi-Ohm mode of the PSB-2000 series will prevent reverse current from damaging the power supply. Analog control and analog monitor interfaces are provided on the rear panel to control PSB-2000 output via an external voltage or to externally monitor the voltage and current output status. The PSB-2000’s panel can be rotated 90 degrees for a choice of vertical or horizontal mounting to accommodate optimum space utilization.

Conventional power supplies provide power that is calculated by the maximum output voltage multiplied by the maximum output current. The PSB-2000 Series, in contrast, offer multi-range output for a higher voltage with a smaller current or lower voltage and higher current.

There are six models in the PSB-2000 Series: PSB-2400L (80V/40A/400W; PSB-2800L (80V/80A/800W); PSB-2400L2 (80V x 2/80A x 2/800W); PSB-2400H (800V/3A/400W); PSB-2800H (800V/6A/800W); PSB-2800LS (80V/80A/800W). PSB-2800LS is a booster unit acting as slave to extend current and requires a PSB-2800L master.

Made by GW Instek, Taiwan’s largest manufacturer and developer of high quality test and measurement instruments, the PSB-2000 Series Power Supplies are available now from Saelig Company Inc. from $1580.00. For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact Saelig (585) 385-1750, via email:, or by visiting
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