The Only Customs Broker in Albuquerque Celebrates Helping New Mexico Clients for Over One Year

It has been just over one year now since D'Ann L Brown Customs Broker has been open for business in New Mexico. In that time the business has helped a variety of clients with imports and exports spanning a variety of industries.

Albuquerque, NM, November 05, 2013 --( Albuquerque had not had a licensed customs broker operating in the city for many years until D'Ann L Brown Customs Broker opened in October of 2012. Since that time the company has seen slow and steady growth and had the blessing to work with many varied clients.

Customers have come from a variety of methods, cold calling, web searches, US Customs list, freight forwarder referrals, client referrals and some others.

Some of the commodities that D'Ann L Brown Customs Broker has handled include high performance racing engines, artwork, solar equipment, art supplies, restaurant equipment, high tech items, clothing, large machinery, agricultural parts and a few others.

Some of the services frequently provided include ISF (Importer Security Filing) to help companies avoid the penalties of not filing. Also import freight logistics and even some export consulting and logistics. D'Ann and company have been asked to speak at international seminars and conferences, and sit on panel discussions about international trade and logistics programs being designed by the federal government.

The company expects continued growth in 2014 and has plans for expansion into both size and scope of service provided.
D'Ann L Brown Customs Broker
D'Ann L Brown