Twist-Tie Pod...Tie One on for Size

Announcing the launching of a new kitchen gadget, The Twist-Tie Pod.

Twist-Tie Pod...Tie One on for Size
Chicago, IL, March 10, 2014 --( Happy Hale Designs to launch the Twist-Tie Pod that dispenses fresh twist-ties at the length you need, whenever you need one.

On March 15, 2014, Honolulu-based Happy Hale Designs will be launching the Twist-Tie Pod at the 2014 International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago.

The Twist-Tie Pod is a new gadget that dispenses twist-ties at desired lengths. Each Twist-Tie Pod contains a spool of 65 ft. of twist-tie length and has a built-in cutter which snips twist-ties to desired lengths. Twist-tie replacement reels hold twist-tie lengths that come in various colors. The Twist-Tie Pod is fitted with strong neodymium magnets so that it can be conveniently placed on a refrigerator or any magnetic surface. The Twist-Tie Pod can also be screwed to any wall or inside any cabinet.

Twist-ties are a mainstay in the kitchen for tying up that chip, bread, veggie and trash bag. It is also widely used in gardens, garages, workrooms and offices. People use them everyday to secure computer cables, electrical wires, garden hoses, plant supports, vegetables, gift bags and so much more.

In the past, twist-tie users were hard-pressed to find fresh twist-ties at length they needed. “I love twist-ties and was always wasting time, rummaging through my kitchen drawers trying to find one...And when I did finally find one, it was usually an ugly crumpled-up piece of junk or was sometimes just too short for my needs,” says product developer Milton Wheeler. “Now I always know where I can find the perfect twist-tie...and that makes for a much happier hale.” (Hale, pronounced HAH-LAY, is the Hawaiian word for house/home.)
Happy Hale, LLC
Milton Wheeler
Twist-Tie Pod with reels

Twist-Tie Pod with reels

The Twist-Tie Pod comes includes a 65' reel of twist-tie length. Replacement reels come in various colors.