Gametasia: Eight Tabletop Games in One Box, "New Ways to Play the Classics"

Freedom Within Foundation to release Gametasia on KickStarter on April 4th. While it may be Mel Wayne’s first tabletop game, ‘Gametasia’ has all of the hallmarks of a future classic. Not only does the Eight Great Games in one box allow players to experience a wide variety of gaming adventures, but its fantasy artwork, based on the branded story world of Planet Millennium, rewards gamers with graphic excellence.

Gametasia: Eight Tabletop Games in One Box, "New Ways to Play the Classics"
Tustin, CA, March 17, 2014 --( Mel Wayne, co-founder of the Freedom Within Foundation, is launching a Kickstarter campaign for his new tabletop game, Gametasia, to be published April 4th in conjunction with international, a world-wide gaming event celebration.

With the theme of “New Ways to Play the Classics,” the eight Gametasia games reveal a double-sided game board featuring: ancient Chess and Shaturanga with fantasy cards and treasure coins, as well as a game adventures with themes of strategy, chase, race, capture, conquest, position, territorial acquisitions, clairvoyance, telepathy, treasure coin wagering, and just for the fun of it, pure luck.

In development for over ten years, Gametasia, a registered Trade Mark, launches on Kickstarter with proven game mechanics and final artwork featuring a double-sided game board and a 150-page illustrated rules book. The Kickstarter campaign will feature the Gametasia Cards at $15 and the Gametasia game box at $50, including free shipping to individuals in the contiguous United States.

About Gametasia Games

Gametasia: Eight Great Games, features a boxed set of 8 tabletop games with a double-sided game board, a 150 page illustrated rules book, a deck of 56 Gametasia fantasy cards, 52 chess pieces in four different colors, 300 treasure coins in five colors, two Fire & Ice dice, a Card Chart, and a Utopian sand timer.

With a slogan of “New Ways To Play The Classics,” the Gametasia double-sided board and rules book offer “Eight Great Games,” contests of skill for the intellectually challenged, as well as games of chance for players who wish to keep their game experience simple. Each game is rated for the degree of difficulty; that is, “Thought Energy Required,” on a scale from 1 to 5. No matter what mood you are in, or your level of gamesmanship, an intriguing and challenging Open Road adventure awaits you. Gametasia features illustrations, paintings, and fantasy maps based on the branded story world of Planet Millennium.

For 2, 3, or 4 players. Recommended ages: 13+. Average play time, 90 minutes, the length of a movie.

About the Game Creator:
Mel Wayne, Creator of Imaginary Places, has spent his entire childhood, and much of his adulthood, on a journey between Real Time and Dream Time, hence his propensity toward authoring games, books, novels, fantasy cards, and maps featuring worlds of imagination.

Mel invites you to join him on one of his inspirational journeys by visiting his websites at:
www.gametasia (dot) com
www.gametasianation (dot) com
www.planet-millennium (dot) com

You can learn more about and support “Gametasia” by visiting its Kickstarter page opening on April 4th.

Mel Wayne
Email: melwayne @ FreedomWithinFoundation (dot) org
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Gametasia: 8 Tabletop Games "New Ways to Play the Classics"

Gametasia: 8 Tabletop Games "New Ways to Play the Classics"

Gametasia is a tabletop game company from Southern California, as part of the Freedom Within Foundation, they publish novels, books, color flipbooks, games, fantasy maps, playing cards, and music. Gametasia is a registered Trade Mark.