WO Bone - a Dog Toy with a Purpose. Each WO Bone Sale Feeds Orphans in Ethiopia.

In 2013, America spent $55 billion on our pets (source, APPA). We clearly love taking great care of our animals, and we should, as most people think of pets as family members. There is a new way to take good care of them (i.e. buy them a new toy) and help others in need at the same time with the new "WO Bone" dog toy from WO Design. Each WO Bone sale (USA made dog toy that is guaranteed and recyclable) feeds orphans in Ethiopia. Pre-sales of the WO Bone are available through wodesign.com.

WO Bone - a Dog Toy with a Purpose. Each WO Bone Sale Feeds Orphans in Ethiopia.
Bozeman, MT, April 13, 2014 --(PR.com)-- In the fall of 2012, while serving in Ethiopia, Josh Allen (founder of WO Design) was struck with a clear calling to leverage his resources and knowledge to help widows and orphans in developing countries. For the past 6 years, Josh and his wife Holly had owned and operated a natural pet supply boutique (Dee-O-Gee) in Bozeman, MT. Josh also had some connections in the “product design world” and realized that he could, with lots of help from others, launch a product design company that directly assisted widows and orphans with the sale of each product. WO Design was born in the summer of 2013 and the first product from WO Design, the WO Bone is launched via a crowd funding campaign on RocketHub in March of 2014.

For the WO Bone, Allen has partnered with Bring Love In, based in Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia. Bring Love In (BLI) exists to connect widows and orphans into permanent family units, locally in Addis Abbaba. Each of the orphans in the BLI homes attend school together each day. Providing lunches for those kids is a challenging part of the BLI efforts. This is where WO Design is leveraging sales of the WO Bone to help. For every WO Bone sold, 2 home cooked lunches will be given to a child in the BLI organization. 1 WO Bone = 2 lunches for orphans.

The WO Bone is a unique interactive dog toy, with its unique “triple twist,” divots and bumps (for oral health of your dog) as key features. The WO Bone will be manufactured in Montana (Made in the USA) and was conceived and designed in Montana as well. Prototyping and test molds have already been made. Manufacturing and order fulfillment strategies are already in place. Once the WO Bone RocketHub campaign concludes successfully, it will take approximately 1-2 months for order fulfillment. Wholesale pricing and Retail Packaging of the WO Bone is available for Independent Pet Retailers.

To learn more about WO Design, visit wodesign.com.
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