Mothers Prefer the "Gift of You" for This Mother’s Day

A survey from Pennyful India indicates that Indian mothers are looking beyond the usual gifts.

Bangalore, India, May 08, 2014 --( If you are scrolling through online shopping websites for the perfect mother’s day gift, you may be in for a surprise. Pennyful India, India’s largest cashback and discount coupons site recently conducted a survey to understand the buying behavior of consumers during Mother’s day. The results indicated that a majority of the mothers who responded to the survey would like their children to spend the day with them.

The study, which included responses from around 2000 Pennyful users, indicated that mothers today would like to spend time with their children and having a day with their children would be the best Mother’s day gift they could receive. Common reasons that were cited included the fact that their children were either in different cities due to studies or work, or are just kept busy due to work commitments. In present times, the time parents spend with their children has become significantly less, and the moments spent together have become even more precious. The survey also finds that 80% of the Indian mothers who reside in Tier II areas would like to spend more time with their children, while 70% of Tier I mother had a similar response.

From more of a shopping behavior perspective, the survey findings also indicated that around 56% of the respondents would prefer to buy gifts for their mothers from online venues. A large number of respondents also stated that buying discount coupons for restaurants or spas was a preferred gifting option. Among products, or services that consumers would like to buy online for their mothers, handbags/purses seemed to be the most preferred option at 33%. This is followed by Apparel & Accessories (25%), Home Décor (22%), Jewelry (11%) and a day at the spa (9%).

The geographies where consumers are most likely to buy Mother’s day gifts online, were also taken into consideration, with Delhi leading the charge, followed by Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad. The survey also confirms the increasing penetration of e-commerce into Tier II markets, with 59% of respondents from Tier II locations stating that they would buy a Mother’s Day gift online.

Speaking on the survey, Ravitej Yadalam, CEO & Founder, Pennyful India said, “We conducted this study to understand what consumers generally buy during mother’s day, and more importantly, to understand what mothers would actually like on this special day. The revelation that a majority of the mothers who responded wished for their children to spend the day with them, showed us that there is a gap in terms in what their children usually buy for them during the day, and what mothers really like. The reason is that our corporate lives keep us so busy that the time we spend with our parents has become so rare and hence so precious. My own mother testifies to this and this Mother’s day I will be taking time off by spending the entire day with her.”

The survey also indicated that an average of Rs. 1500 per consumer is spent online during mother’s day. But as a majority of respondents indicated, sometimes material gifts cannot replace the gift of time. So this Mother’s day, Pennyful India encourages everybody to gift their mother “The Gift of You.”

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