Real-Estate Investor Randy Donnell Endorses CarbonCopyPRO and Wealth Masters International

Boerne, TX, October 18, 2007 --( Randy Donnell, a successful Real-Estate investor and entrepreneur, has teamed up with Master Marketer Mike Dillard, CarbonCopyPRO and Wealth Masters International. Donnell, who has sold over $35 million worth of Real Estate in the last 5 years alone, started off his career in Direct Sales at the ripe age of 20. He continued his career and built 2 very large organizations in 2 different companies. As Randy continued his career, he realized the importance of a solid system. Donnell states, "I'm a systems guy. So, I'm always looking at systems wondering 'What's the easiest way that a brand new person can be successful? If you have a good system, and the new person can be successful, than everyone can be successful. In the 2 large organizations I built in the past, we built our own systems, but nothing as automated as CarbonCopyPRO."

Donnell is thrilled to be involved with CarbonCopyPRO and Wealth Masters International, first and foremost, because of the products that Wealth Masters offers. Donnell states, "You can't open a newspaper or magazine or turn on the news, without hearing about foreclosures, the middle class disappearing, the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer. I'm a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump, and really trying to educate people on the financial side. I want to assist people in getting a plan of action so they can secure themselves financially and not have to live on Social Security, or something else that the government promises that isn't certain to be there. We don't to be want to be one of those people who can't retire and is working at Wal-mart and has to depend on a family member to take care of them. So Wealth Masters is really about having an opportunity to educate people about their finances."

Donnell continues, "Another thing that attracted me to Wealth Masters was the professionalism in this company in particular. The bottom line is they're pulling people out of Corporate America, people who make things happen, and bringing them into Wealth Masters. These are some of the top tier people that are making a lot of companies grow and expand in the corporate world. Wealth Masters gives them the opportunity to have that same professionalism, educate people and also get ahead financially."

To market his Wealth Masters enterprise, Donnell will be using the CarbonCopyPRO marketing system. Donnell states, "The reason I am so excited about CarbonCopyPRO, is that an individual can be making money on the front-end so they can stay in the business long term. This way, they can use the self-funded proposal to pay for their advertising, and because they can rely on people who are better than them at sales, they can rely on leverage to build an extremely successful organization. So for a new person, their only concern is marketing. You drive traffic, you will have someone that is already making money in Wealth Masters help you build a sales organization and all you have to is drive traffic to your website."

Donnell relates CarbonCopyPRO to McDonald's: "We all know McDonald's is an extremely successful franchise. It's not because their burgers are the best, it's because they have the best system. So this is the same thing. With CarbonCopyPRO there are people who will show you A to Z, how to run your whole business: How to make the 'burgers', how to run your system. Everything is already turn-key, it's an unbelievable "franchise" that you can plug into. It's top of the line, first class and extremely professional."

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