Saelig Introduces PC-Hosted Affordable Curve Tracer

PC-connected device helps visualize the operation of a range of semiconductor devices.

Fairport, NY, August 22, 2014 --( Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the new CTR-101 Curve Tracer. A curve tracer is a traditional tool used in industry and university labs to visualize the operation and behavior of semiconductor devices. Several equipment companies used to make standalone curve tracers or add-ons to traditional oscilloscopes, but nowadays they have become very expensive and complicated 'semiconductor test stations', leaving very few if any low cost instruments for routine measurements.

The CTR-101 Curve Tracer plots device characteristics for diodes, transistors, MOSFETs, JFETs, and other LF and RF semiconductors, or demonstrate the linearity of resistive substrates. It provides up to 30V test voltage at up to 1A test current from true voltage and current source drive amplifiers. The high resolution measurements are displayed on a USB-connected computer using the provided Windows/Mac/Linux-compatible GUI software, which auto-scales in real-time the output plot during the analysis of a device under test. A pulsed test mode is available to minimize device dissipation. Sample-by-sample power and current limiting, as well as thermal and over-current protection, safeguards devices during test.

Applications include: circuit development (determining the principal characteristics of an unknown device or testing the response of a circuit network), inspection (verifying that a device meets manufacturer specifications), modeling (using device curves to construct detailed circuit models for simulation), device matching (sorting devices into matched pairs by comparing characteristics, device testing (determining if a device is functional and diagnosing its failure mode), and education (measuring device characteristics to show students how to interpret the curves and relate them to measuring device parameters). Traditionally, electronics labs would have one curve tracer available that engineers or students would share, but now, with the price of this instrument, everyone can be equipped with their own curve tracer.

Compact (4.125” x 1.3” x 6”), powered by an external 110VAC/48VDC/1A wall adapter switching supply, and made in Canada by Syscomp Design , the CTR-101 Curve Tracer is available now from stock from Saelig Company, Inc. Fairport NY at only $399.95.
Saelig Co. Inc.
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