Experienced PA Web Design Company Offers Exciting New Services

Web Designer Kim Murphy takes Designz23 to new heights with new services.

Lehigh Valley, PA, August 23, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Pennsylvania web design company Designz23 is offering many new marketing and advertising services to clients. These services are designed to help the 21st Century online business keep up with and surpass the competition.

Owner of Designz23, Kim Murphy, recently announced their services now include search engine optimization, television commercials, blogging, local Google ads, and also Spanish website translation, in addition to the many other fine services they provide.

Every project from Designz23 includes unlimited design changes. Also, to meet the demands of the growing mobile Internet market, each new project comes with a mobile version, so customers and clients with mobile devices can easily access the website. This is one of the most important modern day marketing considerations, as the mobile Internet market is set to surpass all other devices that access the World Wide Web.

Designz23 understands the value of website blogs and is there to provide clear crisp blog post copy, and important information to attract and inform customers and potential customers. Blogs are an excellent way to increase a company’s online visibility and when a business has an attractive blog with interesting topics, the search engines take notice.

People instinctively choose items at the top of lists, and that is why SEO is a vital part of online marketing today. Search engine optimization or SEO is becoming more than an effective way to increase traffic to a website. With SEO, a business can be one of the first websites listed in online directories and search engines, and those companies will receive the lion’s share of the market.

TV advertising is an excellent strategy for promoting products or services locally, but there is much to know about this kind of marketing. With TV commercial services from Designz23, clients have nothing to worry about, as all the technical work is taken care of for them. For example, many business owners want to be the focal point of their commercials. With the right service, owners can present themselves to the public in the best possible way, and avoid many common mistakes seen in local TV commercials today.

There is a great deal more to television commercials than meets the eye. For example, a professionally produced commercial can bring in a great deal of new business and more than pay for itself, but one must decide if professional actors are needed and in what capacity. Someone must write an effective story line for the commercial. A good producer knows and understands the importance of computer graphics for some types of commercials and how to make graphics pop with eye appeal, and that is only a few reasons to consider professional television production services.

Many businesses today appreciate their Spanish speaking customers. In fact, Spanish is the fastest growing language in the United States, and the business that can take care of this need, can best serve customers and the community. There are many online services that provide Spanish language translations as simple as pointing and clicking. However, these kinds of services only touch the surface. It takes a person that is fluent in Spanish and English to translate a website so it reads properly to Spanish speaking customers, and that is why professional translation services are so important in today’s business world.

Designz23 strives to stay on the cutting edge of website design and marketing technology so they have included Google advertising among their services. Google provides many opportunities to business but it takes an experienced marketing professional to get the most benefit from this market. For example, with the right paid ads, it is possible to greatly increase online exposure and business, and this is a big part of professional branding services.

There is a great deal to know about Google advertising and ad words. For instance, the right pay per click campaign can be very profitable when done correctly. However, when left in the hands of the inexperienced, it can lead to disaster. Designz23 is there to help their customers get the most from their advertising dollars.

Hiring a good website designer can be a risky proposition, but it does not have to be. Designz23 offers a complete satisfaction guarantee on their services. This way, clients take no risk and have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Kim Murphy and his team of professionals work very hard to take care of the needs of their clientele. They are equipped to handle all online marketing needs from the design board to the printed media. Clients receive services custom made for their specific needs and each team member has expertise in specific online marketing services.

Clients at Designz23 receive professional help with websites and business promotion. They can sit back and have all the work done, or they can offer suggestions and ideas. This produces a “made to order” promotion or campaign, and many clients are happy to call upon Designz23 for all their needs. In fact, many of their clients are repeat business.

To learn more about all the new services that Kim Murphy and Designz23 has to offer, visit their website today at www.designz23.com.

About Designz23
In 2007, Web designer Kim Murphy started Designz23 website design services. After many clients and seven years, they have grown to become a service people trust, and they offer some excellent examples of past work for clients at their website. With new services like SEO, TV commercial production, Spanish website translation, Google ads, and professional blogging, there are many good reasons to choose Designz23.
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