Emergency Messaging and Notification System

Naperville, IL, August 29, 2014 --(PR.com)-- When running a Day Care or Pre-school, having effective communication with parents is critical. When communicating with parents you need to be able to contact all of them at once, you need to know that they got the message, and it needs to get to them quickly. Incoming messages need to be able to be received by multiple people. Text Messaging by TXTingPros solves that problem. You can send out messages to 1000 numbers in 30 seconds and you get a delivery confirmation for each message so you know the parents got the message. Most messages are delivered in less than 30 seconds and it never gets lost in the spam folder. Parents can contact you and they never get a busy signal. Many working parents have limited times when they can use the phone, so when they can they need to be able to contact you.

TXTingPros has designed an inexpensive texting solution for day care centers. It allows you to quickly send a single message or a batch of messages from any device. There is no software to install and it works on any device that can connect to the internet, Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android. TXTingPros provides you with a phone number that can both send and receive text messages. Unlike a cell phone where only one person can send and receive text messages, TXTingPros lets multiple people send and receive messages. TXTingPros can send incoming information to multiple people. If a parent sends a text message that they are going to be late or has an emergency – the message is routed to multiple people. This system was built by the same people who created the Response Verification System used by fire departments across North America. They count on TXTingPros, you can too.

TXTingPros Day Care Solution is Ideal for:

Weather notifications
School closings
General information notification
Receive incoming messages from parents
Questions about care – i.e. Medication dosage or diet
Late pickup notices

It is ideal when you need to be sure that the messages get delivered. With text messages they don’t get lost in the mail box or end up in a spam folder. When you sign up, TXTingPros will provide you with a phone number. That phone number can be published on your website or your literature. Parents can sign up just by texting a 5 digit code to that number.

It is easy to set up and easy to use. TXTingPros has a package that will fit your size day care.

Base level $59.95 annually or $7.95 per month
Intermediate $79.95 annually or $8.95 per month
Top Level $99.99 annually or $9.95 per month
Dr. Stephanie Anne Timmer