All-Star Driver Leads Way in Helping Companies Reduce Employee Driver Risks

All-Star Driver Leads Way in Helping Companies  Reduce Employee Driver Risks
Watertown, CT, September 05, 2014 --( All-Star Driver CEO Brandon Dufour is passionate about making the roads safer for everyone. His company teaches safe driving to about 12,000 teens a year throughout his 70 Connecticut locations and now he’s set his headlights on employee safe driving.

“Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of work-related deaths,” notes Dufour. “It’s easy for business owners and senior management to get lulled into a false sense of security when their employees who drive for business purposes have not been involved in a motor vehicle accident. But, things can go from good to bad in the time it takes to run a red light or send a text message from behind the wheel. I always remind executives of ‘Respondeat Superior:’ an employer is responsible for the actions of employees performed within the course of their employment.”

Dufour’s new division at All-Star Driver uses safe driver education to help businesses proactively reduce risks associated with employee driving while actually improving productivity through focused attention. “Our brains are wired for optimum performance by focusing all of our attention on a singular task. The more things you ask the brain to do at the same time the less likely it is that any of them will be done well. So, if you’re trying to navigate a busy intersection while negotiating an important contract, neither is going to produce a good result.”

The new business division at All-Star Driver builds its program on an Employee Safe Driving Policy with training sessions to employees who drive on company business. “If a company doesn’t have one in place, we’ll create it for them,” notes Dufour. “If they already have one, we’ll review it to make sure it’s comprehensive and protects the employees, the company and the brand from potential risks. In both scenarios, we add training for staff to make sure everyone understands and complies with the policy. Once we know the company has a solid policy in place, we can build on that by performing comprehensive risk assessments, creating and delivering targeted safe driver training, performing behind-the-wheel assessments, doing motor vehicle driver records checks, and much more.”

Dufour preaches from his safety soapbox with compassion and commitment and is well-known for breaking through core assumptions. “Research has shown that safe drivers are actually more productive than their unsafe counterparts. A survey of Fortune 500 companies demonstrated that just eliminating distracted driving increased the productivity of their employees by 19% with 22% of employees remaining productive but driving more safely. That throws out the argument that safer driving and being productive don’t mix. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Dufour is humble about the notable acknowledgements he’s received for All-Star Driver, including a recent Business Champions Award nomination by the MetroHartford Alliance and the coveted Defensive Driving Course “Best Performance Award” from the National Safety Council. “Nothing is more important to me than saving lives on the road.”

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