uRevu's Wearable iBeacon Will Revolutionize Customer Service

New iBeacon reputation management technology allows in store customers to see the employee they are talking to on their smartphone in real time, rate their service, and send the review directly to the business.

uRevu's Wearable iBeacon Will Revolutionize Customer Service
New York, NY, January 21, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Today’s consumers are ultra observant of customer service, and are willing to voice their opinions. Most companies spend enormous amounts of time and money to reach out to customers to obtain their opinions, concerns and compliments. The majority of the time these efforts are in vain, as consumers don't have the time or energy to go online or fill out surveys. Unfortunately the majority of those comments end up on Facebook, Yelp and Twitter, permanently damaging to the company’s reputation.

Imagine the scenario were the customer could actually send employee specific comments directly to the company, in real time. This process instantly makes employees accountable for their actions, immediately improving customer service

Welcome to uRevu, the world’s only real-time, on-location, customer/employee rating mobile App.

An employee worn iBeacon sends a bluetooth signal to the customer’s smartphone, allowing the employee to be easily identified and rated, all in real time. This new patent pending technology is revolutionizing customer service worldwide!

Business owners can now:

- Benefit from the immediate positive effect of employee accountability
- Quickly respond to customers employee complaints and compliments
- Avoid having negative comments appear on social media in the first place
- Efficiently monitor the performances of your employees and respond as needed


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Alice Kim