Nasir Shakouri of Encore Cardservice Paying Wages in Bitcoin

President of Encore Cardservice, Nasir Shakouri, plans to pay employees that want to participate in the virtual cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Calabasas, CA, January 21, 2015 --( Nasir Shakouri, President of Encore Cardservice, has announced that he will be paying wages to his staff in Bitcoins. In 2015, any employee that wants to be paid in the cryptocurrency will get a portion of their paycheck in Bitcoins. Mr. Shakouri has been a vocal proponent of Bitcoins on his blog and is now backing up his words with actions. As a payment processing company, Encore Cardservice understands the importance of choice.

Bitcoins are being adopted more and more everyday, but they are not used in everyday purchases by the public. Bitcoins are difficult for the everyday person to use because they are not widely accepted today and most of the public is not educated on how a digital currency can create value out of thin air, according to Nasir Shakouri. "We see cryptocurrency as a viable currency for the future and we believe that staying ahead of the curve will benefit our business moving forward."

First year internet marketing manager Young Kim has taken Mr. Shakouri's offer of being paid in Bitcoins. Mr. Kim has seen the growing adoption rate of Bitcoins and sees a future in the virtual currency. "I have been researching Bitcoins and I see the tremendous growth opportunity and the high risk associated with an unregulated currency and I want in," said Mr. Kim.

Bitcoin payments are treated the same as regular payments, but there is a small transaction fee for converting Bitcoins. As soon as Bitcoin ATM's become more prevalent and the public is educated properly, we may see a rise in the usage of Bitcoins and see more employers using it as a method of payment to their employees.

Encore Cardservice is located in Calabasas, CA and has been leading the industry in small business payment processing. President, Nasir Shakouri can be reached via his Twitter handle @nasirshakouri.
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