Unique Assistance for Back and Joint Pain Being Taught by Amarillo Area Specialist

Announcing “Foundation Training” Beginner’s Workshop, 4 weekly sessions February 17 & 18, ending March 10 & 11

Amarillo, TX, February 05, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Amarillo resident, Julie Yenor has recently achieved Foundation Training Instructor Certification and is now holding beginner workout sessions to assist others in alleviating their back and joint pain.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 80% of Americans will experience some kind of back pain in their lives. And Julie Yenor has found herself to be within that 80 percentile. After a lifetime of fitness, Julie was literally brought to her knees by chronic debilitating back pain more than a decade ago. While still desperately searching for a way out of her pain 16 years later, Julie discovered Foundation Training, a series of exercises by chiropractor Dr. Eric Goodman, and has been amazed at the success of the program for her, and many others. “I cannot believe how these exercises have changed the quality of my life! I have literally gone from being in pain, back to working out and teaching power yoga again. It is hard to believe that 2 years ago I had nearly given up hope. Now I am able to teach these exercises to others so that they can also recover and have their lives back also.”

Yenor founded her company, Back to the Core, in 2014 to raise awareness of the importance of back and spine health to our lives. Whatever our personal profile, job, age, or lifestyle, chances are good that our back and spine - the true "core" of our body - have been neglected. Julie has been studying Foundation Training for 2 years, and is now in process of completing an additional certification as a Posture Specialist from the National Posture Institute.

In addition to personal training and yoga instruction, Yenor has been holding private and semi-private sessions Foundation Training with clients on a regular basis for 6 months, and is now planning to open up to a larger audience by offering Beginner Workouts. These 45 minute sessions will focus on the basic exercises of the Foundation Training regimen, and reinforce that learning by meeting once a week for 4 weeks. Learning to do these exercises and performing them on your own is key to the success of the program. Ultimately these movements strengthen the entire posterior muscle chain from head to heel, instead of only focusing on the spine/back as an independent entity. In our evolved lifestyles, much of what we do uses our back without engaging the rest of the posterior chain for support, which then begins to atrophy our limbs and joints. With Foundation Training, the entire muscle chain is reactivated to work together for integrated movement, taking some of the pressure of our modern day lives off of our spines.

At the completion of the introductory workshops, Yenor will hold additional workshops to advance the levels of those seeking to alleviate pain by adding layers of complexity to the initial exercises to integrate posterior and anterior muscle reactivation.

· Introduction to the basic exercises of Foundation Training, learning to properly engage the entire muscle chain of the back (posterior muscle chain), from head to heel.
· 2 sessions being offered of 4 weekly session of 45 minutes, starting Feb 17th & 18th.
· Session A: Tuesday mornings from 7:45-8:30am at Montage Salon and Spa, or
· Session B: Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:15pm at Amarillo Town Center, Cornell.
· Pre-registered participants: $15 per workout; Walk-in participants = $20 per workout.

To pre-register, or for more information, visit www.julieyenorbacktothecore.com

On-line registration is highly encouraged, as class size is limited.

Walk-ins will be considered based on attendance.

More information about the Foundation Training program can be found at www.foundationtraining.com
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Beginner's Workout available to public Feb-Mar 2015