Represent Master Webinar Series Highlights Internet Selling Techniques

Power Sellers Kenny Stevens & Demian Caceres Share Their Insights & Strategies for Achieving Five- & Six-Figure Monthly Incomes in Online Tee Shirt & Hoodie Sales

Los Angeles, CA, March 19, 2015 --( During the first two weeks of the Master Webinar Series ( hosted by Represent (, a rapidly growing platform for creating and selling custom merchandise, power sellers Kenny Stevens and Demian Caceres shared their insights, strategies and experiences for achieving six-figure monthly incomes in Internet tee shirt and hoodie sales. The six-week webinar series launched by Represent on March 10 provides tactics and short cuts for overcoming challenges and maximizing the online sales tools and trends needed to thrive in the highly-competitive custom merchandise landscape.

During his March 17 Q&A session, Stevens stressed the need to collect data and engage audiences for driving successful campaigns through Facebook and other online vehicles. “Target a niche and collect as much audience information as you can,” explains Stevens, Represent’s Chief Development Officer. “The demographics – age, gender, device, etc. – will help you better understand your targets as well as expand potential winners to look-alike audiences. It will also allow you to optimize successful campaigns and increase earnings by building off the landing page traffic and scaling up with new targets reached through split and separate ad sets.

“Once engaged, always use a call-to-action in the ad imagery to drive conversation and close sales. Comments aren’t enough. Learning as much as you can about your target audience will not only help gauge the potential of the present campaign, but help frame the messaging and emotional content necessary to produce future winners.”

Prior to Stevens’ webinar, top seller Demian Caceres spoke on March 10th about the importance of “reaching communities” with the right messages and ad copy. “The opportunity is there to turn this into full-time income. Don’t be afraid to test new concepts in new niches. The key is reaching your targets in an emotional way. Use a word, phrase or saying that only your targets know and understand. The right targeting combined with punchy designs, ads and messaging drives action. People will buy and wear something that they want to transmit to the world and shows something they strongly believe.”

In addition to these comments, both Stevens and Caceres were adamant about using professional graphic artists to produce quality designs that “make audiences passionate enough to click and buy.” Other insights for building successful campaigns and achieving six-figure incomes include:

· Start small with $10 Facebook ad buys. This will allow you to determine the success of new launches and the potential of scale ups to look-alike audiences
· Launch on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Gauge campaigns over three-day periods. Mondays are never a good day to introduce a new product
· Use promo codes to make audiences feel they are getting special bargains
· “Don’t shoot for crazy whales.” Look for consistent winners that provide a steady return-on-investment (ROI)
· Never get emotionally attached to your own design. It makes it harder to pull the plug on an unsuccessful launch

The Master Series will resume on Tuesday, March 24 at 7:00 p.m. CST with the Q&A session with Matt Schmitt and continue over the following three weeks with the insights of Nishant Bhardwaj (March 31, 7:00 p.m. CST), Shane Martin (April 7, 7:00 p.m. CST) and Chris Blair (April 14, 7:00 p.m. CST). The Master Series was specifically launched by Represent to help affiliates earn incomes and successfully compete on the Web through the Represent platform. All the participating power sellers earn more than $100,000 monthly through the sale of tee shirts and related apparel via Internet vehicles like Facebook. Additional Master Series details including sign up information are available at


Based in West Hollywood, California, Represent is an innovative platform allowing you to create and sell high quality custom merchandise with no risk or upfront cost. In a very competitive landscape, Represent stands out for its high conversion rates, comprehensive analytics dashboard, mobile optimization, advanced features such as discounts and promotions, reliable printing and fulfillment, and a celebrity client base that includes Will Ferrell, Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin and the Red Sox’s David Ortiz. More campaign and Represent partner details are available at
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