MASA Assist - the Original Pre-Paid Emergency Transportation Services Protects Their Brand

Because of continued growth and peak expansion in the Caribbean, MASA Assist is implementing a brand and reputation management program to protect themselves and to ensure the consumer knows that they are THE original pre-paid emergency transportation service company in the world.

MASA Assist - the Original Pre-Paid Emergency Transportation Services Protects Their Brand
Southlake, TX, April 16, 2015 --( When MASA Assist (Medical Air Services Association) started the world’s first air ambulance service in 1974, few people realized that one Texas-based company would spawn a new industry – affordable pre-paid medical emergency transportation services. After establishing their vision, MASA Assist has built a solid reputation for delivering fast, life-saving medical transportation anytime, anywhere to those who are at home, work or traveling the world. And now, because of their continued growth and peak expansion in the Caribbean, MASA Assist is implementing a brand and reputation management program.

MASA’s business model operates on an international scale. They sell their pre-paid medical emergency transportation services and many other benefits through insurance or travel agents and agencies. In addition to that sector, MASA Assist partners with other national organizations such as ClubCorp, Neptune Society and Blue Cross Blue Shield to cross sell or offer MASA Assist to their members. MASA Assist also has established retail locations that sell their product offering to the end consumer. With such a large number of diverse marketing partners, MASA Assist has come to realize that they need to control their image to ensure that the end consumer views MASA Assist as one solid and consistent brand in which they trust. Whether you see the MASA Assist name on the Internet via agent website, in an ad run by MASA corporate or a retail location in the USVI, there is only ONE MASA Assist.

To enforce brand management and ensure consistency, MASA Assist develops and provides their own sales and educational materials for all of it’s marketing partners. An online “MASA Assist Marketing Portal” is being developed in which all approved MASA materials will reside and can be downloaded for individual sales use. This online portal can be accessed from the MASA corporate website at In addition to using the corporate website as the primary information source, the company will be introducing it’s MASA Assist Branding Standards Guide (MABSG). This guide outlines the MASA brand strategy, and gives directives on all communication and graphic styles to be used on written documents and marketing materials. The MABSG defines the uses of logos, graphical elements, photography, color, tone and pricing information, and other proprietary information.

“We do not allow our marketing partners to market our products, unless their materials are approved in writing by the corporate headquarters. This includes, but not limited to, materials such as websites, social media pages, brochures, email communications, letters, advertisements, etc. We especially do not allow any marketing partner to list pricing with out directing the potential new MASA member to a dedicated application landing page linked the corporate website. The materials we provide are proprietary of MASA Assist (Medical Air Services Association),” states Tim Green, President of MASA Assist. “We have worked hard at building this first and finest pre-paid emergency transportation company and we plan on protecting our solid reputation.”

For over forty years, one million people have enrolled in MASA, and more new members are signing up each day. With numerous agents and marketing partners selling MASA Assist, along with competitors entering the market, the time in now to roll out our brand and reputation management program.

MASA Assist has retained a firm to help with this initiative. Their responsibilities include developing the MASA Assist Branding Standards Guide (MABSG), brand monitoring and reputation management. They will provide research, analysis and engagement regarding MASA’s reputation and to guide MASA with communication strategies when in accurate MASA branding or false pricing information is discovered.

The ultimate goal is communicate more effectively, simplify the flow of information, and to protect the integrity of the MASA Assist brand and it’s reputation.

About MASA Assist:
Founded in 1974, Medical Air Services Association (MASA Assist) is strategically based in Southlake, Texas, just minutes from the Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport. An international organization, MASA Assist provides lifesaving emergency air and ground transportation for more than one million members while at home, on the job or traveling the world. Call 1-800-423-3226 or visit for more information.
MASA Assist
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