Revoluntary Multi-Sensory Teaching Tools for Bright, Frustrated Students

Empowering kids with skills and confidence!

Revoluntary Multi-Sensory Teaching Tools for Bright, Frustrated Students
Durham, NC, June 12, 2015 --( k6easy, a North Carolina based LLC is empowering parents and children with multi-sensory learning solutions that Unleash A Child’s Potential by understanding how their child learns. Bright children whose gifts are not showing up in the classroom where ever that classroom may be, private, public, charter or homeschool.

Changing a child’s educational experience from frustrated and overwhelmed to empowered and confident is what k6easy is all about. As one student stated it, “Ms. Pam built my confidence and showed me how I learn. Now, I understand how to be the best student I can be. Every kid needs to spend time with her.”

K6easy is just in time! The United States is 28th in the world in Education. We need new solutions and k6easy has them.

K6easy turns how we think about education on its head. Founder and President, Pam Goodman, starts with “parents are teachers.” “You know your child is bright and you are confused on why they are struggling. It could be a really, simple solution like your child is a verbal processor and is not talking at school.“

In working with many children and families, we have noticed a lot of patterns with extremely bright kids who are very frustrated in school who believe there might be something wrong with them because they aren't "getting it." K6easy is here to say that they are bright, gifted, valuable people who need to understand how they learn and notice that many people learn the same way they do and that there is nothing wrong with them!

K6easy is excited about several initiatives. The first is to empower parents and their children with knowledge and tools that can be taken into any learning environment. Many highly successful people are multi-sensory learners. They invite you to learn more @

The second initiative is to be the first business working with EntreDot to crowd fund with an education solution.

The third initiative is to use crowdfunding, a social entrepreneurial solution to positively influence NC legislation on providing solutions that work for our state.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Pam Goodman at 919-272-2617 or email at
Pam Goodman
Empowering kids with skills and confidence!

Empowering kids with skills and confidence!

Educate yourself on how children learn and watch your child blossom. Must reads for today's world.