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Windows 10 Upgrades May Lead to Data Loss for Early Adopters, Says, Inc.

A leading data recovery firm warns Windows users to take appropriate precautions when upgrading to Windows 10.

Pleasanton, CA, July 30, 2015 --( Windows users should take appropriate precautions when upgrading to Windows 10 according to, Inc., a world leader in hard drive data recovery services.

As with any operating system installation or upgrade, data loss can occur during Windows 10 installation. President Ben Carmitchel says that the company receives a large number of cases following major software launches, and advises computer users to back up their files before undertaking installation.

“It’s easy to get excited about Windows 10, but it’s worth taking a few minutes to protect everything important,” said Carmitchel. “Otherwise, you’re taking a big risk with your data.”

Computers may lose data due to hard drive failures that occur during the installation process, but most data loss occurs when the installation fails entirely, preventing the user from accessing any files or folders. If users accidentally format their drives, losses can also occur due to overwrites.

“Make at least two backups and check them to thoroughly make sure that everything’s in place,” said Carmitchel. “Open a few files on your backup media. Don’t leave anything to chance, or you might end up calling us.”

Windows 10 early adopters can easily install the software, and Microsoft is offering free upgrades for all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. However, immediate installation is not required; upgrade reservations are valid for one year after the Windows 10 release date.

“We haven’t seen anything indicating any issues with Windows 10’s installation process, and it seems like a great system,” said Carmitchel.

Additional tips are available on’s Research and Development blog, linked here, in a post titled, “Protect Your Data When Upgrading to Windows 10.”
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