Medical Management and Billing Solutions Switched Their Call Reporting to Metropolis’ OfficeWatch SL

Fort Lauderdale, FL, August 08, 2015 --( Medical Management and Billing Solutions (MMBS) know a thing or two about best billing practices, and they have increased revenue for every client they have contracted with. By specializing in extremely accurate medical coding and timely filing, MMBS’s clients experience fewer delays and reimbursement rejections from insurance companies which results in consistent payments. When it came to their own call accounting and bill back solution, MMBS also knew it was time for an update.

“We had [another brand of call accounting] first, and the system wasn’t running consistently. No support was available and its functionality was unreliable,” explained Ted Dendinger, Network Administrator of MMBS. “We went through several vendors and liked OfficeWatch best.”

With their customer service specialists on the phone continually through the day communicating to customers and insurance carriers alike, MMBS required a replacement call accounting system that made it easy to gain insight into peak call volume times, call duration per employee, and more. Dendinger selected OfficeWatch SL Call Reporting from Metropolis Technologies because he liked how easy the dashboard was to navigate and the 250 reporting templates that were included with the software. “OfficeWatch allows us to see the duration of the calls and the history of each person’s usage.”

Support was another deciding factor when selecting a new call tracking vendor. With their prior call accounting system, no technical assistance was available and the product was running poorly. Metropolis offered MMBS continual support for the life of their OfficeWatch subscription so they will always have access to professionals to answer questions or assist with configuration.

Since OfficeWatch SL Call Reporting has very minimal system requirements for installation, Dendinger was able to use his existing hard drive from his legacy call accounting to run the application. After installation, Dendinger customized a few settings and was ready to go.

“OfficeWatch is very easy to use; the interface is user friendly and installation was straightforward and very simple.” Dendinger added, “Metropoils is a great company to work with. Support helped me to immediately configure correction rates, settings, etc. I even received a follow-up call from them to ensure everything was working.”

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