KRTA Long Term Care Education Campaign

Dallas, TX, December 11, 2007 --( National Health Administrators (NHA) continues its fifteen year-long relationship with the Kentucky Retired Education Association (KRTA) by posting its new, electronic Long Term Care Buyer’s Guide on the KRTA web site. The goal of this KRTA and NHA initiative is to increase member awareness about eldercare and the role Long Term Care insurance can play in protecting the assets, pensions and families of KRTA members.

KRTA want all its members to investigate Long Term Care insurance and is using several vehicles to get across this message, including mailing, seminars and a web site aimed at providing members with reliable information about eldercare and Long Term Care Insurance: In addition, KRTA members may also request a Long Term Care insurance rate comparison and summary of the benefits for the top Long Term Care insurance companies. Reliable information combined with a Long Term Care insurance quote will allow members to make informed decisions about securing their future.

The KRTA awareness initiative is similar to a program that begun by the U. S. Health and Human Services department called Own Your Future. Like the KRTA educational initiative, the goal of the Own Your Future campaign to encourage Americans between the ages of 45 and 70 to become aware of the rising Long Term Care crisis and the importance of planning for their future Long Term Care needs.

Most financial planners now agree with Long Term Care insurance specialists that Long Term Care insurance should be considered as a critical part of a secure retirement plan for most middle class Americans. In answer to those who ask if they or their parents need Long Term Care Insurance, Newsweek’s financial issues advisor Jane Bryant Quinn writes, “To anyone who has seen up close how much it costs to care for a failing relative or friend the answer is “yes” for sure.” (Newsweek, June 18, 2007)

KRTA is made up of retired and active educators. National Health Administrators is a national insurance agency specializing in providing reliable information about Long Term Care along with client-focused insurance solutions.

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KRTA Long Term Care Press Release

KRTA Long Term Care Press Release

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