Semi-Autonomous Robotic Aircraft Tug Generates Up to 40% More Hangar Space

World’s only aviation tow vehicle that can turn an aircraft 360 Degrees on the spot without turning the airplanes nose gear is utilizing unused hard to reach areas that are not accessible with conventional Aircraft Tow Tugs. A new generation of towbarless ground handling equipment.

Semi-Autonomous Robotic Aircraft Tug Generates Up to 40% More Hangar Space
St. Augustine, FL, November 17, 2015 --( TNA - Aviation Technologies today announced the North American release of the TugMAXXE® electrical aircraft tow tug, the world’s first ROTV (Remote Operated Tug Vehicle) that combines the best in flexibility, safety and unique technical features, all incorporated in a very compact package to elevate users to the next level of advanced aircraft ground handling.

This highly flexible and versatile semi-autonomous robotic tow vehicle can create up to 40% additional hangar space, generating extra revenues for aircraft handling operators, hangar owners, general aviation charter companies and airlines. Thanks to the proprietary and patented 360 degree turnable coupling technology TugMAXXE® is the only aircraft tug that can turn most aircraft on the spot without turning the airplane’s nose gear. That is revolutionary, highly innovative, unique and unmatched compared to any other conventional tow tug. Because hangar space is hard to come by and relatively scarce throughout the entire aviation industry on both sides of the Atlantic, new innovative solutions were long overdue. By virtue of extreme shortage of hangar space and very crowded airport apron areas in Europe, the TugMAXXE® factory in Germany has been producing a new generation of aircraft tugs and robots for the European aviation industry since 15 years.

“North American aircraft owners and operators have been asking and waiting for more effective aircraft tow technologies, and we’ve responded by introducing the most flexible ever ROTV, making aircraft handling and maneuvering on the ground more effective and redefining today’s market,” said Michael Turwitt, Managing Partner and Co-Owner of TNA - Aviation Technologies.

The TugMAXXE® ROTV electrical aircraft tow technology was designed for customers looking for advanced, smart, environmentally clean, easy to handle, and affordable tug solution that are matching today’s modern general aviation and commuter airliners aircraft in the range of 20,000 to 130,000 lbs MTOW (Maximum Takeoff Weight), the fastest expanding segment in this industry.

“This is German engineering at its finest. We strived to give customers the best possible experience, extreme high quality, durability, and operational effectiveness with the best-in-class ROTV aircraft tow on the market. Performance and usability, whether it’s handling a 100,000 lbs Gulfstream G650 large corporate jet, or a 10,500 lbs Pilatus P12 single engine turboprop aircraft, customers want an aircraft tug technology that matches today’s high-tech airplanes. The TugMAXXE® product line raises the bar for ground handling equipment. For the first time ever, users can enjoy high efficiency, unmatched flexibility, more precision, higher safety, and cost-effective operations with a fast ROI (Return on Investment). This product delivers functionality normally not found in conventional aircraft tugs,” said Ulrich Nielen, Managing Partner & Co-Owner of TNA - Aviation Technologies.

About TNA - Aviation Technologies

TNA - Aviation Technologies, a division of Turwitt, Nielen & Associates, P.A., is the exclusive American distributor for TugMAXXE® and Flyer-Truck® aircraft ground handling tugs. These advanced aircraft tugs, electric towbarless tow tugs are easy to operate and offer limitless flexibility. The company provides modern solutions to all aircraft moving and ground support needs for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters between 2,000 lbs (910 kg) up to 220,000 lbs (100 tons) MTOW. TugMAXXE® electric remote controlled aircraft tugs (ROTV’s) and Flyer-Truck® towbarless cabin tractors are best-in-class products that meet the needs of a diverse aviation marketplace, from private aircraft owners, FBO’s, MRO’s, charter and corporate flight operators, airlines, military and law enforcement. TNA – Aviation Technologies is a member of the NBAA.
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Press Release in PDF Format

Press Release in PDF Format

Semi-Autonomous Robotic Aircraft Tug generates up to 40% more Hangar Space