Publisher Signs Two New Authors

Mendelssohn Levy Publishing Welcomes Two New Authors.

Philadelphia, PA, January 05, 2016 --( Philadelphia-based Mendelssohn Levy Publishing, a new independent press that combines traditional quality with innovative originality, is happy to announce the addition of two talented authors to their publishing family.

Pretty Lady, iconic alter ego of artist and writer, Stephanie Lee Jackson, gained notoriety in both the New York art world and the blogosphere as a purveyor of sex tips, dating advice and sociopolitical commentary, with a side of transpersonal spirituality. Her highly-anticipated book, "How to Leave a Loser," is tentatively scheduled for release later this year.

Mendelssohn Levy Publisher and President, Nadine Silber, had this to say, "We are very excited about this book, in which Pretty Lady applies her signature combination of outrageous wit and thoughtful contemplation to the subject of surviving a toxic relationship."

Pretty Lady herself added, "MLP is the veritable archetype of old-school publishing with a fillip of post-modern élan; Pretty Lady is the archetype of femininity. It's a perfect fit."

Likewise joining the company, is author J.G. Phynn, who is also known for his ability to mix the humorous with the profound. Phynn has published in several media over the years and has been described as having, "An eye for humanity and an ear for engaging conversation." His first full-length novel, "Dead of the Dawn," due out in early 2017, considers societal issues as weighty as discrimination and conformity through the lens of your typical suburban zombie family.

Silber noted, "Jim has that wonderful ability to address important subjects through humor. His quirky wit and obvious intelligence make him a natural fit for our label."

Phynn added that, "I'm excited that I found a publishing company where people appreciate my story. It's really just about an ordinary family trying to find their way in the world, while encountering barriers that are anything but ordinary. Sometimes it seems like the whole world is dead-set against them."

Both books will be available for purchase in digital and paperback format through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes, Kobo and various other retail platforms. If you are interested in participating in Pretty Lady's research, please contact Stephanie Lee Jackson through

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