The New York Center for Nanomedicine Research, Inc. is Signing a Strategic Agreement to Provide Drug Delivery Systems to ICAHRIS in Canada

Strategic agreement for the development of nanoparticules with application in Cancer, Type 2 diabetes and inflammation. The NYCNMR is providing to ICAHRIS, its innovative platform dedicated to Nanomedicine. The NY center is located in the upcoming Bio-Cluster located in Buffalo NY.

The New York Center for Nanomedicine Research, Inc. is Signing a Strategic Agreement to Provide Drug Delivery Systems to ICAHRIS in Canada
Buffalo, NY, April 14, 2016 --( The International Centre for Advancement of Health Regional Innovation and Science (ICAHRIS) and the New York Center for Nanomedicine Research (NYCNMR) have secured a substantial competitive advantage in the emerging field of nanomedicine. Early this morning, ICAHRIS and NYCNMR signed a strategic agreement at the BioConverGene Accelerator within the Canotek Industrial Park in Eastern Ottawa.

Focusing on the development and deployment of non-invasive sentinel nanotechnologies for the early detection and treatment of pressing diseases such as cancer and type 2 diabetes, this partnering agreement also supports research on women’s and maternal-infant health and the development of technologies to help individuals potentially affected by obesity-related conditions such as type 2 diabetes and abnormal inflammatory processes that could lead, among other ailments, to various types of cancer.

However, one the most daring aspects of this partnering agreement is its emphasis on immediate early disease prevention. After two years of developing and testing protocols, ICAHRIS also announced the release of the first generation of iBioSign’s Health Profile NavigatorTM(HPNTM). The Health Profile NavigatorTM is an intuitive, interactive, correlational tool that provides individuals (end-users) with the ability to securely compile their own health profiles as well as the option to explore innovative ways to interface with emerging health technologies such as sentinel nanotechnologies aimed at providing effective disease prevention.

During the public announcement, Dr. Gabriel Pulido-Cejudo, Chairman of ICAHRIS, also provided concrete examples of BioConverGene upcoming sentinel nanotechnologies and of their applications to better assess, for example, the early onset of metabolic changes that could signal the initial stages of depression during and after pregnancy, an important mental health concern affecting up to 16 per cent of north american pregnant women.

Dr. Pulido emphatically underlined the importance of securing a strategic partnering undertaking with NYCNMR. Co-founded by Scottpatrick J. Sellitto, a prolific inventor and reputable industrious scientist, NYCNMR possesses a robust infrastructure and a comprehensive technology array in the field of nanomedicine research. NYCNMR joins ICAHRIS at an important juncture; in addition to ongoing collaborations with scientists and entrepreneurs in Canada, Mexico and the United States, ICAHRIS and NYCNMR will press on into the next level of technology miniaturization and scientific innovation in the field of sentinel nanotechnologies focused on human health. With close to 1.2 million dollars privately raised by R&D companies currently aligned within ICAHRIS’ international partnering initiatives, such as BioConverGene Technologies Corporation, ICAHRIS remains optimistic about the current spirited tone of both the Federal and Provincial governments to tangibly support Canadian entrepreneurial innovation towards achieving global competitiveness.

The New York Center for Nanomedicine Research Inc. (NYCNMR) promotes and achieves efficient integration of cutting edge nanotechnology and medical research. The center has expertise in medicine, advanced nanoparticle development, targeted delivery systems for drugs and biologics, and has developed novel transfection and transport platforms. The primary goal of the Center is the translation of nanotechnology into clinical applications leading to commercialization opportunities. The center provides an interdisciplinary scientific environment to create new approaches to prevent, diagnose and treat immunological, infectious, cardiovascular, neurological, and oncological diseases. NYCNMR is housed on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (“BNMC”) at the University of Buffalo’s Clinical and Translational Research Center. For more information on the NYCNMR please visit

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