Meet Erin Viereck - Founder of Bee Smart N Sexy

Bee Smart N Sexy is a fresh, new adult home party company that offers the latest technological advances in the industry and pays the highest commission for direct sales representatives.

Meet Erin Viereck - Founder of Bee Smart N Sexy
Burlington, NJ, April 28, 2016 --( Erin Viereck is an Intimacy Expert and Director of Education for one of the largest adult distributors in the US. Her role in the adult novelty industry is marketing the launch of new adult products and technologies into US distribution.

Her newest endeavor is founding Bee Smart N Sexy (, today's breath of fresh air in the world of adult product direct sales.

"Being an expert in the business, I know the life cycle of the adult toy and the home party has always been the last stop," says Viereck. "Other home party companies offer old technology at ridiculously high mark ups because they invest in paper catalogs and warehouse space. Bee Smart N Sexy is green. Pull the site up on your smart phone and download the free app. Then, your customers can walk through the demonstration with you and if they like something, drop it in their shopping cart to discuss with you when their place their order."

Bee Smart N Sexy offers one of the highest commission in the home party industry, 50% commission on party sales. "I can do that because I won't print an outdated catalog or stuff my garage with closeouts," Viereck continues. "There are approximately 22,000 products on the market catering to every taste. I've selected products that are easy to talk about, that dispel any myths and are made by manufacturers that believe as I do - be good to your body and each other."

It’s no secret - Lack of sex is the number one complaint we hear about married sex. Introducing toys into a couple’s intimacy also introduces new conversations. “What’s that? What is it supposed to do? You put it where? You want to try what?” So now, the topic of conversation in the bedroom is fresh, new and exciting! All while a couple continues their journey of intimacy as committed partners.

With this mindset, Bee Smart N Sexy meets the needs of a customer that was initially brought to them because they were invited to a home demonstration and can also successfully encourage them to become a regular customer. Viereck states, "Why? Because we know it requires just as much care in the bedroom as it does in every facet of their journey as husband and wife to maintain a happy, intimate relationship."
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