Makers Nutrition Launches Stock Softgels Brand

Nutraceutical Company Powers Softgel Products to Vitamin and Supplement Businesses

Makers Nutrition Launches Stock Softgels Brand
Hauppauge, NY, May 10, 2016 --( The nutraceutical company Makers Nutrition, LLC, announces the launch of its subsidiary brand, Stock Softgels.

Softgels continue to grow in popularity among consumers who perceive them as premium dietary supplement formats that are smooth textured and easy-to-swallow. The consensus within the supplement industry is that in most cases, the human body can absorb more nutrients from a soft gel dietary supplement that is orally ingested as opposed to tablets or hard shell capsules. Softgels also have a longer shelf life. These attributes make Stock Softgels beneficial to vitamin brands looking to expand their supplement lines.

Stock Softgels maintains a popular list of dozens of stock formulas that cover a broad range of health and wellness needs. Popular stock brands include: Aloe Vera Gel, Krill Oil, CoQ10, Fish Oil, Omega-3, Royal Jelly and more. A full list of popular Stock Softgel formulas can be found on their website.

Stock Softgels also provide custom softgel manufacturing services. For instance, softgels can be manufactured in different colors, sizes, shapes and coatings. Softgels can also be scented to mask ingredient odors, which is popular for fish oils and other omega-3 products.

Stock Softgel’s parent company, Makers Nutrition, LLC is a full-service product manufacturing company for vitamin and supplement brands. They are able to offer these turnkey softgel products at low unit pricing since they buy large quantities of raw materials. Vitamin and supplement brands should bear in mind that inventory and price per unit fluctuate regularly, and they are encouraged to contact Stock Softgels for the latest pricing.

To compliment their softgels manufacturing service, Stock Softgels’ in-house graphic artists create label and packaging designs to client specifications. Design inserts, fliers and other marketing collateral are available as well.

Stock Softgels premium order fulfillment services include safely warehousing its inventory; scheduling and processing order data according to anticipated order volume and carrier pickup times; and keeping close tabs on product inventory and alerting managers to help prevent an out-of-stock event.

Additional information regarding Stock Softgels can be found on their website.
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