Ecobeautica Wellness Center Offers Middle-Aged Women a Novel Approach to Managing Skin Conditions

Identifying – and Addressing – Hormone Deficiencies Can Provide a Unique Whole-Body Solution

Brooklyn, NY, June 21, 2016 --( As a medical day spa that specializes in holistic treatments, Ecobeautica Wellness Center offers hormone balancing as an innovative way to evaluate and address common skin ailments for women over 40, hormonal balancing is provided by a medical doctor.

Rather than prescribe topical creams and surface remedies, Ecobeautica offers each female patient a comprehensive, personalized consultation that examines skin issues from the inside out. In addition to looking at diet and lifestyle behaviors, a medical doctor in Brooklyn, NY focuses on the four most common hormones that affect middle-aged women: thyroid, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. If any deficiencies are discovered, customized bioidentical hormone replacement may be recommended to help restore hormones to their proper levels for optimal health and well-being.

Low thyroid, for example, can cause dry, tight and rough skin. Thin skin, droopy cheeks and numerous wrinkles – particularly “chicken hands” – may be attributed to low testosterone levels.

“Our goal is to determine what’s causing our patients’ individual skin ailments so that we can effectively support their treatment,” explained Margarita Zeyger, owner of Ecobeautica Wellness Center. “To do so, we take an in-depth look at what’s causing their skin concerns – and quite often for women over 40, hormone deficiencies can either be the culprit or a significant contributing factor. Once we identify any irregularities, hormone balancing can give them support they need improve their skin and improve their quality of life.”

These customized skin evaluations come into play with Ecobeautica’s other services as well, which include a full range of more than 70 relaxing massages, refreshing facials and restorative treatments like Botox, Restylane and microdermabrasion. All of their personalized therapies are designed to help clients relax, recharge, refresh and reinvigorate.

Ecobeautica Wellness Center is located at 2158 Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn, between Kings Highway and Quentin Rd. For more information about their holistic approach to beautiful skin, call 718/382-9200 or visit
Sergey Kalitenko