Rubio Flip-Flops: May Face Former Presidential Candidate in Florida’s US Senate Race

Orlando, FL, June 23, 2016 --( Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) did a complete about-face today on a pledge he made a year ago. During his failed run for the Republican presidential nomination, Rubio was criticized for his “missing-in-action” approach to representing the people of Florida in the United States Senate. To combat that criticism, he said he was “leaving the Senate.” After rescinding his promise, Rubio potentially finds himself up against another former presidential candidate who is running for Florida’s seat in the United States Senate: Democrat “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente.

De La Fuente was the first candidate to officially file to run in the Florida Democratic Primary for the U.S. Senate. While he lives quietly in the Orlando area, De La Fuente has literally been a fixture in the Florida landscape for years as the owner of multiple commercial properties in the state.

De La Fuente is an extremely successful entrepreneur and real estate developer who hopes to bring common sense to the political arena. This must be déjà vu for Rubio, who got “trumped” by a candidate with similar credentials on the Republican side.

There is one glaring difference. De La Fuente is on record as having entered the Democratic presidential primary because of Donald Trump whose candidacy he thought posed a significant threat to the country. De La Fuente is also very progressive with regard to his position on social issues.

“I’m inclusive when it comes to social issues whereas Sen. Rubio is exclusive,” De La Fuente explained. “His positions are polarizing,” he continued. “For example: If you don’t agree with his religion, he wants to craft laws that force you to comply. He wants to take away women’s rights, LGBT rights, etc. My approach is the exact opposite. I think liberty is meant to be equally applied to every American, and I think every human being deserves to be treated with dignity and respect,” said De La Fuente.

While Rubio dropped out of the Republican presidential primary on March 16th, De La Fuente continued to challenge the Democratic front runners until that race concluded. “I like to finish what I start. And when I make a commitment, I honor it,” said De La Fuente.

Failing to honor his commitments could haunt Rubio this election cycle.

In a national debate last September, he said, “I am leaving the Senate, I'm not running for re-election, and I'm running for president because I know this: unless we have the right president, we cannot make America fulfill its potential … If we keep electing the same people, nothing is going to change.”

According to the Tampa Bay Times, “The Florida Republican has missed … 407 of 598 for which records were available. He skipped 80 percent of Commerce hearings and 85 percent of those held by Small Business. He has missed 60 percent of Foreign Relations hearings since joining the Senate despite making his committee experience a centerpiece of his qualifications for president. He attended 68 percent of Intelligence Committee meetings, though that's based on 19 hearings for which records are available. The bulk, 245, were classified so records are unattainable.”

Correspondingly, Rubio’s prior Senate victory was built upon the backs of the Tea Party. Now, he is being rebranded as an establishment candidate for the Republican Party.

If De La Fuente becomes Florida’s Democratic nominee for US Senate, Rubio could find himself up against an opponent with a similar background to the one who crushed him in Florida’s Republican presidential primary but who is far more compassionate and personable than Donald Trump ever will be.


“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente is living proof that the American Dream can be achieved by those who are inspired to pursue it. He has an amazing record of overcoming obstacles and achieving success. From being licensed by the FAA to fly single engine planes at the age of 20 to owning 28 automobile dealerships and becoming Chairman of the National Dealers Council for the third largest automobile manufacturer in the world by the age of 28, Rocky is in a league by himself. He also created a banking network in 1982 to help address an economic crisis in Mexico and established impressive real estate holdings throughout the United States while generating thousands of new jobs along the way. Rocky holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude) and exudes a passion for his country and for those who seek the opportunity to fulfill their version of the American Dream.

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