Organic Solution Management LLC. Helps Partner Win EPA Sustainability Award Using Organic Solution Management’s Sustainable Anaerobic Digestion Program

Organic Solution Management helps partner, Crystal Creamery, a Modesto-based dairy, win a Sustainability Award from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for sustainable management of organic by-products and water reduction.

Indanapolis, IN, June 29, 2016 --( Organic Solution Management LLC. operated Fiscalini Farms has partnered with Crystal Creamery since 2014 to use the dairy’s waste products in their anaerobic co-digestion facility. This anaerobic digestion system allows for organic byproducts removed from Crystal Creamery’s waste water to be collected and mixed with manure and other food waste to produce valuable commodities like electricity and a liquid and a solid byproduct that is later turned into fertilizer.

The anaerobic digestion method is much more beneficial to Crystal Creamery than their previous composting method of management or animal feed supplement, reducing the dairy’s waste water output to the City of Modesto’s Publicly Operated Treatment Works (POTW) by an additional 70%, minimizing the city’s cost of treatment and landfilling costs.

Additional benefits from this OSM process include:

Enough energy generated to power 100+ homes
A reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint for Crystal Creamery
decreased wastewater management costs by over 10%

About Organic Solution Management
Organic Solution Management is a Indiana company that is a leading expert in converting organic by-products to renewable energy using an anaerobic digestion system and Wastewater Treatment Management. OSM has developed extensive operational and management experience in the area of sustainable by-product management to help large corporations address their concerns about brand management, sustainability, and cost.
Organic Solution Management
Chris Pierce