Feeding Frenzy Announces Their First Round of Entrepreneurs for Their July 20th Event in Jacksonville

Feeding Frenzy is a revolutionary new company helping entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground. They are bringing local entrepreneurs and real investors...the middle class, together into one room. It's going to be quite the frenzy, but who is presenting? What ideas are taking the stage?

Feeding Frenzy Announces Their First Round of Entrepreneurs for Their July 20th Event in Jacksonville
Jacksonville, FL, July 15, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Attention Jacksonville: Feeding Frenzy is excited to announce the following ideas to be presented at their July 20th event at Dave & Busters. These entrepreneurs will do a live, 3 minute pitch on stage with full A/V followed by a meet and greet and "vendor style" follow up session. Feeding Frenzy, a local company dedicated to bringing entrepreneurs and the middle class into one room, is hosting the event.

For your free tickets, please visit Feeding Frenzy at feedingfrenzyjax.com

The entrepreneurs presenting with a short pitch on their company are listed below:

1) Medi-Redi – Revolutionary new product helping to organize and transport prescription medication and important medical documentation. Stop using plastic bags and be Redi. Be Medi-Redi!

2) The Spray Bidet – Re-think your fundamental standard of personal hygiene. The Spray Bidet offers a unique service by bringing hand held bidet installation and service to the average household. "What you do in the bathroom is kinda my business!" says Jill, owner of The Spray Bidet.

3) Woof Pack JAX – According to Woof Pack JAX, pets are a part of the family and should be treated that way. As stressful as it is to have to leave your pet, Woof Pack JAX goes above and beyond to ease clients anxiety and worry. Pets also are more comfortable in a home setting with the same sitters who love them as their own and begin building relationships with them. Woof Pack JAX prides themselves on welcoming your dog into their home and sharing fun experiences with them just like you would. They are your one stop shop for all things pet related. Check them out and see why they are ahead of the pack!

4) MuricaBox.com – A revolutionary movement offering “pre-boxed” America parties. Why should you only celebrate ‘Murica a few days a year? They are offering America parties 365 days a year. Every 5 parties bought, they will donate one to a veteran who just returned home! ‘Murica!

5) Tie Tail – This patented product offers a much needed solution...The big and tall tie market is lacking in big and tall tie sizes! Never again will a tie go wasted as the Tie Tail provides the solution to “short ties.”

6) Construct-A-Cake – This brand new service is taking the monotony out of the happy birthday song and cake and changing the way our kids celebrate their birthday. They offer a one of a kind service for birthdays, parties, and events of all types. Build your own cake, decorate how you see fit and remember..."No cake left behind!" as co-owner Josh Sadowski says.

7) Fury Beard Co – Fury Beard Co. is a company focusing on the beard. But not just the beard, but everyone the beard affects. Daniel, owner of Fury Beard company is set on how men care for their beard. With natural ingredients, an amazing smell, and a great price, Daniel says, "we are ready to go to market, and focus on the wives and ladies across the globe that are effected by bad beard care."

The event will be on July 20th and is taking place at Dave & Busters from 4pm until 7pm. Visit Feeding Frenzy at feedingfrenzyjax.com to find out how to get your tickets!

Feeding Frenzy looks forward to seeing you there.
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Jordan Cole