New Gamer Music Album - Ancient Aires & Marches; Music by Gamers for Gamers

Rich Staats' fifth album is geared for gamers. Music by a Gamer for Gamers. The songs are a fusion of instrumental, traditional instruments, electronica, and choral designed to have the maximum positive impact on your gaming sessions. These tracks are great for action adventure movies too. Genre: Electronic: Acid Techno; Release Date: 2016.

Washington, DC, September 03, 2016 --( This album was carefully composed and produced with gamers in mind. The songs were composed and produced to provide motivation and backing tracks for gaming sessions. HP Lovecraft was a big influence on the album. Several of the tracks are direct literary references to HPL's works.

The songs were composed, recorded, mixed, and produced with the gamer and video producer in mind. The songs are designed to be looped; they begin and end with the same musical phrase. One of the songs is a live and contains a vocal portion, and the remaining sixteen tracks are instrumental for maximum flexibility in placement in your video or session.

The official release web site is
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Rich Staats