Aterlo Networks and Meshnet Partner to Bring High-Quality Streaming Video to Remote Canadian Community

Waterloo, Ontario-headquartered Aterlo Networks and Iqaluit-based ISP Meshnet partner to use NightShift technology to preposition high-quality streaming content into a remote community in Northern Canada. This allows subscribers to watch latest movies & TV shows from Netflix in high definition without any buffering or latency issues.

Aterlo Networks and Meshnet Partner to Bring High-Quality Streaming Video to Remote Canadian Community
Nunavut, Canada, December 21, 2016 --( In the major first step to bring high definition (HD) streaming video to the entire Canadian Arctic, Aterlo Networks from Waterloo, Ontario announced a partnership with Meshnet, an internet service provider (ISP) that serves Iqaluit, Nunavut. Since its inception in September 2014, Aterlo Networks has been focusing on improving video streaming quality for all internet users across residential satellite internet, yachting, commercial shipping, oil & gas and mining markets.

There are many remote regions across Canada, currently unable to stream HD video from streaming services like Netflix. Iqaluit is the first Canadian community using Aterlo’s NightShift technology, but it can be implemented anywhere. This will lead to video-on-demand services being easily accessible to everyone.

“It’s the 21st century, but there are still communities in Canada and around the world that can’t stream HD video. By working with ISPs, we’re changing that. We’re thinking forward to a time when everyone has the same internet experience wherever they live,” said Gerrit Nagelhout, CEO of Aterlo Networks. “Having a slower internet connection doesn’t mean that you can’t stream HD video anymore.”

Meshnet subscribers have access to unlimited Internet but the overall speeds are limited by the difficulty of getting bandwidth into the community. Aterlo's NightShift technology predictively, pre-positions content into the community using off-peak network resources, thereby bringing high-quality buffer free streaming.

“Partnering with Aterlo means that our customers have access to the same streaming video experience as the rest of Canada. I’m proud to be able to say that Meshnet will be the first ISP in Nunavut to provide a seamless HD experience,” said David Fulgham, CEO of Meshnet. “Keeping content local and providing unprecedented access to this content, at up-to 20Mbps or more, allows our customers to enjoy Netflix the way it was meant to be without buffering and in HD.”

“Our hope is to build more relationships with ISPs where building high speed access is cost prohibitive. Even if broadband is offered, the speeds are often too slow to stream HD video,” said Dan Siemon, VP Product Management for Aterlo. “We plan to change that.”

NightShift stores the content locally, and does not interfere with digital rights management. An active subscription to the streaming service is also required.

Aterlo Networks builds technology that makes it possible for users across residential, maritime, energy, mining and remote communities with bandwidth-limited or usage-limited internet service to enjoy high-quality streaming video. Aterlo’s NightShift technology improves quality of experience for video subscribers and opens up new markets to content providers by extending the content delivery network into the customer premises. Visit for more info.

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