Local Financial Professionals Don Bergis and Jared Elson Receive Prestigious Sales Award

San Jose, CA, February 09, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Area licensed investment advisors and insurance professionals Don Bergis and Jared Elson received a rare honor in January when they were inducted into Advisors Excel’s Hall of Fame.

The ceremony took place during Advisors Excel’s 2017 World Series of Sales Awards Night in San Diego, California. Bergis and Elson are two of only 51 inductees to date out of nearly 1,000 financial professionals associated with the organization.

The business partners met the qualifications for this prestigious sales award by doing more than $100 million in cumulative annuity business with the organization. A target that is often a career-long goal for most producers, Bergis and Elson reached this incredible milestone within a few short years of working with Advisors Excel.

“Despite being in the heart of the hyper-competitive Silicon Valley whirlwind, Don and Jared don’t get lost in the hype,” Advisors Excel Co-Founder Cody Foster said at the induction. “Their complementary skill sets and personalities have enabled them to build a wide client base that has created a far-reaching impact on their community.”

A plaque commemorating this significant achievement will hang in the Advisors Excel Hall of Fame located at the Advisors Excel headquarters in Topeka, Kansas.

About Don Bergis and Jared Elson:
Don Bergis is the founder and president of Regent Wealth Management. He has 15 years of experience in preserving and cautiously growing the wealth his clients have accumulated. Don can be heard on the Financial Symphony radio show on local stations such as KBAY and KLIV on Sunday mornings. He is also a co-author of the book, “Victory,” featuring his own chapter on “The Seven Things Depleting Your Retirement Nest Egg.”

Jared is a partner at Regent Wealth Management. Prior to entering the financial industry, he had nearly a decade of experience in the tech industry, giving him a thorough understanding of how to achieve results in today’s demanding and ever changing times.

For more information about Don Bergis and Jared Elson, or to schedule a time to discuss your financial future, contact Regent Wealth Management at 877.457.4567. By contacting Don Bergis and Jared Elson, you may be provided with information regarding the purchase of insurance and investment products.

About Advisors Excel
Advisors Excel is an Independent Marketing Organization (IMO) founded in 2005 by Cody Foster, David Callanan and Derek Thompson. The company is independently owned and currently employs approximately 450 individuals in its home office in Topeka, Kansas. Advisors Excel helps independent insurance producers and investment advisors nationwide increase their annuity and life insurance business by providing access to proprietary products, unparalleled training, powerful marketing and lead generation support and a culture in which many of the nation’s top producers can continually refine their skills to better serve their valued clients. Advisors Excel is one of the fastest-growing IMOs ever - growing from $45 million in first-year sales to more than $6 billion in annuity business in 2016.
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