CertifyMe.net Introduces New Laser Safety Training Online Course

Phoenix, AZ, February 20, 2017 --(PR.com)-- CertifyMe.net, best known for its online forklift certification program, has introduced a new online laser safety training course. The course is currently available on the CertifyMe.net website and can be taken as part of a company training program or by any interested individual.

“The laser safety course was created to keep up with the demands of customers who have used our online resources in the past,” says Tom Wilkerson owner of CertifyMe.net. “We wanted to respond to this demand with a comprehensive program and ensure that CertifyMe.net is always evolving to meet the needs of the industries we serve.”

This new training program offered by CertifyMe.net was developed in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration national standards, as well as, following the American National Standards Institute’s classifications for lasers based on risks posed.

This course can be beneficial to the medical, metallurgy, mining, fabrication, entertainment, robotics and 3D scanning industries, which have experienced exponential growth in the number of laser applications year over year. The course covers different circumstances in which lasers are used and the associated risk factors for each such as, caustic fumes and gases, molten metal, liquid chemicals and light radiation created by the laser itself.

Participants that complete the training receive free renewals for three years and printable proof of training. The laser safety training course is offered completely online at CertifyMe.net where participants need only internet connection to login and complete the training at a time most convenient for them. This online accessibility eliminates the need for employers to coordinate off-site, in-person training and ensures round-the-clock availability to the training materials.

The U.S. does not impose mandatory laser safety protocols, but CertifyMe.net is established as a leader in safety training with more than 28,032 companies having used CertifyMe.net for OSHA compliant employee training since 1999.

For more information on CertifyMe.net and its laser safety training, visit www.certifyme.net.

About CertifyMe.net:
CertifyMe.net provides the forklift training and certification employees and employers need to abide by OSHA standards to promote the safe operation of forklifts. Through flexible and affordable online training courses, a forklift certification is granted to become OSHA certified as a forklift operator.
Tom Wilkerson