Keeping Track of Staff on a Global Scale - Know Your Employee (KYE)

adappt previews the employee insights platform “Know Your Employee” that collects employee data within the bounds of an organisation’s privacy policy and produces actionable insights using artificial intelligence for managers to make better HR decisions.

London, United Kingdom, March 24, 2017 --( Employee Monitoring can be a contentious subject from a privacy, security and practical perspective. The market is already quite crowded so the preview of the latest AI based startup that adappt has invested in The Hub ( asks as many questions as it provides answers.

Organizations invest a significant amount of time and resources securing valuable data from external threats, only to have these efforts thwarted by the careless or intentional actions of an employee. According to estimates, nearly 40% of data breaches are the result of malicious or careless employee activity inside the company. In order to address these risks, many companies establish employee monitoring, data loss prevention and other information security programs that log, track and analyze employees' actions. At the same time Employee Monitoring solutions which take screenshots, read emails and log keystrokes can be significant security compromise opportunities in their own right.

AI Engineer Manish Sivanandan explains, “Many employee monitoring technologies only allows employers to monitor limited aspects of their employees within their organisation. They are often targeted at freelancers and remote worker rather than staff in general. A truly global workplace has people working from all over the world using different tools and techniques from operating systems to word processors. Our platform uses complex Neural Networks to infer activity from a minimal dataset. The goal is to enhance the ability of managers to improve team performance without compromising security."

In addition to that, understanding individual employee preferences is a major challenging for large organisations. Every employee of a company has a unique pattern with which he/she tries to achieve their objectives. In some cases, A players’ work patterns are closely followed by B or C players in order to improve their overall productivity.

Introducing The Hub KYE, an employee insights platform powered by artificial intelligence that analyzes employee behaviour in depth and creates valuable insights. From security monitoring to behavioural analysis, KYE empowers managers to make intelligent HR decisions that helps improve overall team performance.

With algorithmic and neural network analysis at its core, KYE adds powerful insights to a manager’s toolkit that enables him/her to make well-informed data driven decisions. In addition to providing behavioural security analysis to companies, KYE also enables companies to tailor the work environment to suit individual employee requirements to improve overall productivity.

Investor Juned Jable explains, "KYE is a window on the electronic activities of a team enabling a manager to make highly accurate data-driven decisions to improve the overall efficiency of an organisation."

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