Multistat Visual Optimizer 4.5 Opens the Door to Improved Design Optimization

New Optimization Techniques from the leader in design optimization will facilitate Interactive Design Improvement; Direct Integration with MATLAB Now Available.

Multistat Visual Optimizer 4.5 Opens the Door to Improved Design Optimization
San Clemente, CA, February 07, 2008 --( Multistat Inc. today released Multistat Visual Optimizer version 4.5, breaking new ground in the field of design optimization.

Product designers have increasingly used software to make new designs and to analyze those designs, predicting with increasing sophistication how the product will perform before it is ever built. However, those tools only tell engineers how their design will perform, not how to modify the design to make it better. The nascent field of design optimization has struggled with slow, cumbersome software interfaces and tools that provide only approximations of ideal solutions. These barriers have prevented many firms from investing in design optimization despite benefits such as reduced costs, quicker time to market, and improved product performance.

Multistat Inc. broke the boundaries of design optimization with their release of Multistat Visual Optimizer, making it possible for companies at every level to reap the benefits of design optimization, rapidly and cost-effectively. Now, with Version 4.5 of their flagship product, Multistat Inc. has made the process even faster and simpler.

Multistat Visual Optimizer 4.5 utilizes Multistat advanced optimization technology to provide a new approach to design optimization. Rather than treating optimization as a batch process that relies on probabilities to give approximations of improved solutions, Multistat provides interactive techniques that allow the engineer to indicate the type of improvement desired. The software then calculates where the optimal solution lies, and moves directly to it. The result is that improved designs can be found 10-100 times faster than with existing genetic optimization algorithms.

The new interactive techniques are available in the same patented visualization environment as Multistat’s other optimization algorithms. The full set of algorithms provide both the new interactive approach, as well as a more traditional design exploration approach that provides a full range of optimal solutions.

Multistat Visual Optimizer 4.5 also includes a direct integration with MATLAB from The Mathworks. MATLAB users can now use Multistat’s advanced optimization and visualization techniques to improve designs or other models that are built within the MATLAB toolset. MATLAB versions 12 and later are supported.

“We are proud to bring Multistat Visual Optimizer 4.5 to the market and believe that our new optimization approaches will not only be a tool for engineers to solve existing optimization in a small fraction of the time, but will also expand the use of optimization to create improved designs for complex products,” said Ralph Mayer, CEO, Multistat.

About Multistat

Multistat Inc. is focused on increasing the adoption of design optimization to shrink design cycle time, reduce material costs, and create products that are higher performance, more energy efficient, and more reliable. Multistat’s Visual Optimizer works in conjunction with exiting Computer Aided Design and Analysis tools to find those last few percentage points of improvement.

Multistat’s solutions bring to market breakthrough performance to existing optimization techniques, with benchmark results orders of magnitude faster than existing solutions. Multistat is helping companies lower costs, increase research efficiency, accelerate the R&D cycle through comprehensive optimization software and services. Multistat is used by aerospace, defense and automotive design companies as well as structural optimization and materials science research.

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Multistat will be hosting a web demonstration of the new Multistat version 4.5 on Tuesday Feb 12th, at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

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